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Finally, D-Lain’s Bona Fide Anthem “Zone Out,” Featuring Symone, Now Has an Epic Music Video!

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With raw honesty, sharp-witted flows, and a confidence and charisma that you can only earn, Baton Rouge’s finest emcee, D-Lain continues to excel and create the soundtracks for our generations. He possesses an innate talent and ability to weave stories and emotions into melodies with universal appeal, attributes that cannot be bought or stolen. His knack for originality and commercial appeal has enabled him to carve out a unique place in the industry. What the rest of the world is catching up to today has been an ongoing evolution marked by hard work, a never-say-die attitude, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. The stage and moment are his, and boy, isn’t he making the most of it?

His “Zoned Out EP” showcased a mature artist on top of his game. Therefore, it was not surprising to see the massive reception it got from fans and critics. One particular track, “Zone Out,” featuring the equally phenomenal songstress Symone, stood out and has become a viral sensation among hip-hop and R&B music lovers.

As someone with an entrepreneurial mindset who doesn’t let opportunities sneak past him, not while he can do something about it, he made the most of the bulging momentum that track has garnered, and that’s why we now have an epic, thrilling, and visually striking music video that embodies sci-fi magic from top to bottom.

True to the title, this track will have you zoned out in no time as the foundational reality starts morphing into another sci-fi one, and you just can’t help but marvel and enjoy this invigorating, hair-raising, and attention-grabbing experience.

It’s like watching a blockbuster film with an equally captivating soundtrack. The mellow and smooth hip-hop beat, the spotlight-stealing bars and witty rhymes, and the memorable chorus fit in with the epic visuals, where each scene is like a brushstroke, painting an intricate canvas of a sci-fi world you simply do not wish to abandon.

This video is something. The amount of work and effort that went into it deserves to be acknowledged. I can’t imagine a better complement to this extraordinary track than what I have just witnessed.

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