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The Dan Fallon band is a group of musicians led by Dan Fallon that are renowned for the production of different variations of rock music. Dan Fallon has performed in some of the biggest events, composed music for television and movies, and also recorded his own music. The spontaneity that is incorporated in Dan Fallon’s singing is top-notch. The group also has the best skills when it comes to playing instruments. Most of the band members are multi-instrumentalists, an added advantage to the band.

San Jose is the band’s latest jam that was premiered on 104.9FM on 23rd January 2022. It is an archetypal indie-folk with an ultimate subsume of rock. The song is slow and dynamic at the same time. The guitar stands out from the very first second of the track. The bass is also a classic low bass complimenting the whole listening experience. The frequency at which it comes is appropriately in line with the guitar resulting in a compelling instrumental. Dan Fallon comes on this track with rhyming vocals setting the bar high. Rhyming vocals is an art that is not easy to achieve. He does an amazing job of bringing this art to life.

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What else would make this song better if not for the slight pitch alteration on the second minute of the song. Such small details give a whole new feel to the music and show how the artist pays attention to every second of the song.

San Jose is an outstanding track. Dan Fallon sings his lines in a way that gives you anticipation for the next line. It’s like incomplete statements waiting to be graced by the next statement and so on. Eventually, one ends up jamming to the whole track up to the second he tells you, ‘…the truth became a lie’


Indie folk is a genre of music that has been popular since the early 1990s after evolving from rock. The twist of heavenly vocal coordination and powerful instruments implemented by artists like Dan Fallon keep the music alive. Dan Fallon is an absolute master in this genre. Apart from San Jose, he has other epic songs under indie folk-rock. The Dan Fallon band is also extraordinary when it comes to live performances and fans can’t wait to see them jam live on their new track.

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