Singer, Rapper and Dancer Kitty Monroee Set to Take Her Place Back at the Top When She Releases Her Much Anticipated EP, “Fenix” on the 14th of October 2022

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Kitty Monroee is the quintessential songstress of the year who was born in West Philadelphia before her family relocated to New Castle in Delaware. Her passion for music and dance manifested early while she was still a little girl and aged 6 she was enrolled in the historical Christiana cultural arts center in Wilmington, Delaware where her talents were nourished. Fast forward when she had already started practicing music as a career, she was found to have tumors in her thyroid which was detrimental to her singing voice. She began a rigorous vocal re-training activity and it was where she fostered her rapping abilities.

Kitty Monroee seems to acknowledge no boundaries between styles or eras with her sound afforded elements of soul, R&B, hip hop and others woven throughout for a very luxurious brand that has come to be accepted by a massive number of loyal fans and new listeners alike. After her absence from the music scene for quite a while, Kitty is back like she never left!

She comes bearing a gift in the form of a new EP, “Fenix” that she will officially release on all the major platforms come 14th October 2022. This EP is her reaffirmation to rising above misfortunes and ill-fate to stand tall again like the queen she has proved to be. “Fenix” underscores her rise from the depths of ruins to the heights of ecstasy- you absolutely love to see it!

A 9-piece collection, this collection is a tasteful cocktail with R&B and soul-inspired melodies. You can tell she really put her heart and soul into every performance to ensure that every track impacts in its own unique way and allows the listener the sanctitude of choice.

A track like, “Situation” is very sensual and charmingly prepares a listener right from the intro. It features a firm bassline from which the other instruments are built and in this track, Monroee unleashes her rap side going on to deliver some thought-provoking bars that feel like they come from a very personal and honest point.

“SOS” has entrancing piano keys at the intro and is then acquainted with the nostalgic R&B and soul melodies. Kitty comes off with soulful vocals over the prolific instrumentation in this love-inspired ballad that will deeply resonate with its audience.

The improvisation in “Late Night” to add subtle nuances of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” is ethereally satisfying. The blend between the synths, drums, and the phased bassline fashions a very harmoniously consonant beat that is befitting of this particular track.

You can best be assured that this EP is going to alter the forces of musical nature in all the right ways and cement her place at the top of the music ladder. At this point, her meteoric rise to superstardom is more than assured!

Be on the lookout for this EP and follow Kitty Monroee everywhere so as to receive real-time updates on this and other upcoming projects.



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