The Latest Project, “Unpunctuated,” From New York-Based DIY Artist Like What Exemplifies Timelessness.

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With this new 7-track project, Like What brings a level of authenticity with “Unpunctuated” to timeless hits of escapism, captivating listeners in a way that perhaps hasn’t been done in quite some time. The balancing of the hypnotic rhythms that make you want to move and the intriguing, unpredictable aspect of the album are bound to leave a lasting mark on a listener. Like What is swiftly and rightfully gaining recognition across the global scene. With the release of this brand-new full-length project, that evolution is set to reach greater levels than ever. With this project, it’s been amazing for him to visualize his music for once and be able to translate this deeper and more atmospheric experience that expresses itself with the music.

Like What escapes monolithic labeling with “Unpunctuated”, reaching unprecedented heights by fusing many genres together with roots in electro-pop, synth-wave pop, dream pop, and dark wave to authenticate a sound that cleverly defies genre stereotypes.

The opening track, “Unpunctuated” is such a classic hit that is both catchy and timeless. The sheer amount of technical dexterity on display is incredible. The timely hit drums and other signature electronic cadences make this a groundbreaking song, with foot-tapping retro vibes conjuring images of a 90s club scene with revelers dancing to the music with reckless abandon. At its heart is an unforgettable hook, with the enchanting vocals lusciously slinking through the soundscape, exuding such an irresistible allure. There is also an inescapable European influence that gives this tune a broad appeal.

“Out Alive” features a wavy atmospheric vibe with a deep, driving, and fast-paced snare kick beat that makes you want to dance on your feet in time with the beat rhythm and audacious melody. This is a masterclass in Synthwave that is energetic and uplifting, and yet there’s still a very immersive, ethereal side to the arrangement that beautifully contrasts the speed and intensity of the track. The swirling synths and driving bassline combined with the intricate electronic percussion add such ambiance, personality, and edginess to the mix, making this a beautifully haunting masterpiece. The vocals are a seamless fit with this pulsating production, whose beauty and charm defy imagination!

“Time To Let Go” is another beautifully haunting raw masterpiece; I found myself ruminating on the ineffable beauty of this stupendous track, with the song’s sagacious production and lush arrangement wrapping themselves over the listener like a warm blanket, enveloping them with a sense of serenity and tranquility. This is such a splendid track, with a contagious energy backed by such instrumental and vocal dexterity.

You can’t truly understand what Like What does that makes the impressively dark and haunting “Burn” so evocative and unforgettable, only that he did it, and he really elevates a listener spiritually, somehow closer to the greater force that many call god, destiny, or the universe. This track is spellbinding, with rippling synth accents and mellow orchestral pulses brandishing the vocal circle; attaining a sacred power that allures the listener like a siren. If I happen to find myself in hell, I’d very much prefer this to be the soundtrack marinating my suffering—the track has layers upon layers of textures, elements, synths, and vocal performances worthy of the Hollywood screen!

“Unpunctuated – Dance Mix” features an invigorating fast-paced and driving beat with impeccably balanced instrumentation showcasing incredibly dynamic parts and pulsating rhythms that will undoubtedly put you in another dimension where you get completely lost in the music as you dance the night away in a state of music-inspired euphoria.

I could elaborate further, but instead, I’ll let you savor the staggering showmanship on display in “Unpunctuated”. Follow the link below, turn up the volume, and immerse yourself in each captivating track.

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