The Greatest On The Verse And A Project To Cement His Rightful Place On The Hip Hop Scene; Slym Beno’s “Thanks For Nothing” EP is One For The Culture

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Slym Beno Thanks For Nothing

He hit the ground running as early as 18 years old when he released his first-ever Mixtape titled “I can spit” which was even hosted by the popular Cleveland DJ, DJ EV. At that same age, he went ahead and shared the stage with A-listers such as; Young Jeezy, David Banner, Rocko and Bun B. Just like Kobe Bryant was the greatest on the court, SLym Beno is the greatest on the verses and having been influenced by artistic legendary performers such as Lil Wayne, Jay Z, LL Cool J, Biggie Smalls and Usher it’s no surprise that he has been able to produce certified smash and thumping songs that are powerful in as much as they are explicit. His latest project, “Thanks for Nothing” is a defiant and unapologetic masterpiece woven together by blendful and speaker-thumping and culturally disruptive tunes that have been made with potent precision bringing out their insightful themes amidst the sometimes lyrically strong vocality to inspire anyone listening that they are destined for greatness in spite of the naysayers and the jealous types who may try to write off others dream as if they were their own. This is an educative masterpiece delivered in its befitting unapologetic tone to remind everyone that they are always in control of their destinies no matter what.

The project is set to be released on 12/31/21 on all streaming platforms but to give us a taste of his inimitable and fiercely cataclysmic sensation that the project will be all about; he has released two thunderous tunes; “GR8T” and “Count Up” which are mainstream smashing hits that offer a unique perspective that only Slym Beno can deliver. The build-up to the strong and rhythmic tune, “Count Up” is immensely energetic with the consistent and elementary synthesized riffs of, ‘Count it up” summoning the alluring harmony and as Beno attacks the slapping explosive beats with his technical lyricism, unfettered technical wordplay, delivering heavy blows that remind every rival that he’s a force to be reckoned with heavily influential on this boom made track. “Money ain’t everything, but it feel important…cos when you broke only real ones will support you…” is just the icing on the cake on the educative lyricism on display. He says that he set out to do what they said he couldn’t. Such authentic audacity!

“GR8T” is intoxicating with the inundating alluring harmony created by the heavily percussive and shimmering piano organ and heavy bass elemental complex instrumentations exploding with majestic allure as Beno seamlessly performs with incredible mastery and lyrical prowess in the way he conveys his intricate free-styling ability like he was born with a mic on his hands. “Imma be GR8T today, imma go make a way…haters gon’ hate the same…but we don’t give a fuck today…” is a defiant theme that just indicates the confidence in his own ability to build a boundary-busting career in the rap genre and Hip hop sound. The emphasized catchy riffs of, “We don’t give a fuck today…imam be GRT8 today” breathes infectious life into the heavily percussive instrumentation laying a steady foundation with the strong automotive chorus.

This upcoming project is going to win over fans and critics alike and the two bold, textured singles from the project just confirm the inevitability that is the wild, untamable energy that will be the “Thanks for nothing” project. Brace yourself for this is going to break every record in its wake.

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