Coming Through Like a Hip-Hop Apprentice Snow Tha Saint Shows His Skills in His EP “Now or Never”

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Snow Tha Saint Now or Never

Started out as a young prodigy and as early as 11 years, he was already writing rhymes, by the age of 14 he had recorded his first song; this is none other than Marcus Johnson who goes by the stage name Snow Tha Saint. Hailing from Bartow, Florida, he did not have it easy as he found himself spiraling into the dark on several occasions, even getting himself locked up in County Jail where he spent 180 days and while this was a very dark phase and period in his life he utilized the moments to perfection getting through his thoughts and meditating lyrically to fashion his music to the next level as soon as he was released. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes wishes come true, also especially gladly via many detours and though he did not wish his life to take those tragic turns, he utilized the moments to make something great out of an absolutely horrible situation. That in my book makes him an acclaimed legend and his never-to-say-die attitude is a very admirable quality that many can learn from.

At 27 years of age now, he is the master of his own fate and dares to dazzle, entertain and revamp your spirits with the EP “Now or Never” which is a high-energy Hip hop melodious groove that is lyrically rich and melodically terrific. The opening track “Heata’” is heated up with booming retrospect as it unfolds in sensual format with the dripping touch of the piano organ before all the other instruments take their place in the track being driven heavily by the deep-phased bass that haunts the mind like some necessary evils! The resounding drums and atmospheric synths make for an all-good rollicking fun.

My favorite track “Classic” which he featured LoudLoui is a speaker thumping heavy track that sits right with the melody, harmony, and rhythm benefitting from genuine ingenuity from an accomplished sound engineer. The way the two acts exchange and trade blow lyrically will have you on the edge of your seat in awe of such lyrical prowess. There is so much power and vitality in the whole of this 9-piece collection and fans of the old and new hip-hop alike will have a raucously great time with this EP. He is set to officially release it on Valentine’s Day and what a day to do it! As people will be showering others with love, all the hip-hop fans will be showered with something more, something to withstand time and something close to their hearts, body, and soul. Make sure to follow Snow Tha Saint for his tank of creative output has just been replenished it is about to go down in epic style!

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