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Internationally Recognized Electronic Music Star New Beat Order’s Latest Smash Hit “Tu Ritmo” Is Comprehensive Dance Music Gratification on Another Level!

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New Beat Order is proud to be one of the best talents the dance music has to offer; based out of Galicia in Spain, he is a dynamic Producer and DJ whose electronic music transcends stylistic boundaries whilst he still manages to maintain a consistent brand. By combining impeccable electronic features and artistry with the gift of getting at the heart of each and every track he creates, New Beat Order’s repertoire spans across sensational EDM standards and experimental music as he harnesses talent that transitions seamlessly between powerhouse delivery and gratifying appeal!

New Beat Order has a new potential chart-topper dubbed “Tu Ritmo” that is a masterpiece in electronic dance music transcendence! He worked with Italian acclaimed Producer and DJ Axel Cooper and the remarkably gifted Britt. The knowledge and technical expertise in merging the indigenous tradition reggaeton soundscape with a futuristic electronic ambiance is what makes “Tu Ritmo” exceptional and unique!

As they make contact with your listening senses, the skillfully crafted harmonies can’t help but stimulate a listener, transporting them to blissful places; sometimes nostalgic and sometimes joyful. In this tune, a listener is given a front-row set to witness New Beat Order’s sonic tornados and extremely confident demeanor as he cruises unprecedented heights!

The mastering and mixing are of very high standards and the track boasts impeccable sonic clarity and warmth with New Beat Order and co letting the listener savor the thickness and the variety of such an imperceptibly intriguing, idiosyncratic and authentic sound!

The driving beats and the glorious female vocals are all wrapped up in a gift that is a joy to receive and now that I can see things clearly, this is a Grammy-winning type of sound that stands as a defining highlight to the inimitable level of musicianship of one New Beat Order- all I can say is that long may he continue reigning because this is where he is supposed to be!

“Tu Ritmo” is just the perfect tune to usher in the holiday season; I will be dancing all the way to Christmas and if someone has Santa Claus’s number, it would really come in handy; I want him to be in high spirits when he comes calling!

To indulge yourself into this sensational and epic banger; follow the attached link and let the whole world know that you possess great music taste by sharing this masterpiece everywhere. And now that you have been acquainted with New Beat Order, it will only be right when he makes it to your next year’s Spotify wrapped- sounds like a deal, okay!



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