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The Highly Anticipated Single “Painful” by Emerging EDM Artist Kevin Jeong Takes You Through an Incredible Rhythmic Journey

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Working magic into music, Kevin Jeong has been taking over the electronic dance space in style and fashion, taking listeners on a musical journey where everything feels just right and glows with a shimmering abundance of electrolyzed melodies that pump from within the steamy skills of production.

The multi-talented artist uses a sequence of dynamic melodic resonance to link listeners to his music and otherworldly themes, determined to transmit thoughts and emotions through music. He recently released “Painful,” his most anticipated tune, on various streaming sites, causing a stir in the industry.

Featuring Joey Law, this track is a stunner and what you get is 3 minutes and 38 seconds of melodic extravagance and a full-throttle proper electronically charged EDM that cuts through with precision and orderly urgency!

You can tell that this came from deep within a hidden place in his heart and soul and you are not wrong; the melodies speak of the mammoth weight of hurt, that one undergoes after a breakup, but you can also hear the hope that rises from within.

Kevin Jeong’s honest feelings are expressed in every loop and tig of the song. The symphony of flawless perfection is created by the powerful bass sound combined with the dynamic pad and exquisite beats.

There’s no reason why this song shouldn’t be the EDM tune that smashes airwaves worldwide. The quality is superb, the composition and performance are distinct and passionate, and the entire piece simply offers those timeless, nostalgic good vibes that bring everyone together at the end of the night. A well-deserved offering that is well worth hearing at full volume.

For anyone going through a breakup or being heartbroken, this is the song to lose your emotions to as you dance around your bedroom to its grandeur beauty and emotional delivery. Follow the attached link to get right into the action!



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