Exclusive Interview: Jessica Jimenez Delves on Her Creative Tastes, Her Inspirations & Her New EP “Bonnie and Clyde”

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Jessica Jimenez Handouts

Congratulations on your first EP “Bonnie and Clyde” how do you feel about your newfound success?

I’m really overwhelmed! I’m so grateful to have my first EP out in the world. I  wanted to create a full piece of artwork after I spent a couple of years experimenting with my sound as an artist.

When I first came out into the music scene doing my own creations I was headed more so to the pop genre….however I knew it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to pursue.I really wanted to take a dive into the RnB genre.

Always been heavily influenced by RnB ….though looking back being younger me doing RnB music I felt most people probably would understand/take me seriously as an artist …..however seein my song “Handouts” of my EP Bonnie and Clyde  reaching nearly half a MILLION stream…says im doing something right. 🙂


In what ways do you come up with ideas? We know that starting a musical composition isn’t always easy. How do you get your creative juices flowing?

I feel like every time it comes to creating a song it’s a bit different yet the same…..typically I’m just in my room, my space.I love to write stories/things I see or hear about what ones going through.The songs off my EP   “Bonnie and Clyde” are relationship-driven….which is odd considering I myself have not been in a relationship …..I typically pick and pull from those around me.

Can you see your finished product before you start?​

Sometimes yes once I get the vision in my head right .

Have you always been interested in music?

Yes, growing up I was always involved in the honor choir !

What’s a little-known fact about you that might surprise people?

…..lets keep them guessing on that one

Is there anything else you’d like to say before we wrap things up? Are there any words for your fans?

I love you sweet beautiful souls,xoxo

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