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Athens-Based Poet Shedrick s.h.e.d. Barnett Pours His Soul Into “Looking for My Mama Featuring Mista Lee

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Cover Art by Stephanie Lit Logos

A poet based out of Athens, GA, Shedrick S.h.e.d Barnett’s sound is unmistakable—a smooth and thought-provoking mix of soulful introspection and intense lyricism. His deep, thoughtful lyrics often explore the depths of his psyche, which has seen him build a devoted among lovers of poetry-infused music who revel in this unique style. He makes music on another level because he simply is. He writes his poetry with his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t hold back from exing his thoughts and feelings.

Poetry has become a creative outlet for Barnett. In recent years, he has planted new roots in his hometown, where his identity and sound have been shaped by family and life experiences. The goal is to write poems that tell stories that everyone can relate to. Whether you live in a big city, the country, or suburbia, his artistry tells relatable stories about love, heartbreak, commitment, change, ordeals, and adventures. Simply put, Shedrick wants his music to be the soundtrack of your life.

“Looking For My Mama” is an openly vulnerable and honest tune that borrows inspiration from Shedrick’s loss of his mother as well as both of his grandmas. This performance is rich with emotion and empathy, displaying maturity and depth as he takes the listener through the painful experiences and emotions of losing someone so dear to your heart and whose position and role in your life cannot be replaced.

There are no words of solace we can give regarding such a personal loss like this; however, the music might be comforting for someone who has gone through a similar loss.

Barnett’s ability to translate his immense pain into a delicate and touching performance is inspiring. It’s an absolute honor to share his deeply personal lyrical tribute.

The warm, soulful, and rich backing vocals are by Athens-based singer Mista Lee, and the excellent production that offers solid support for their performances is by another Athens-based producer, Sunny James.

“Looking For My Mama” is a piece off of his latest album, “A Poet Was Here, Vol. 2” that is streaming on all the popular channels.



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