Phenomenally Gifted Jazz Pianist Bryan C. Simmons Has a New Inspired Collection Titled, “Nature’s Harmony Vol. 1” That Is Scheduled for Official Release on 21st October 2022

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Bryan C. Simmons Nature’s Harmony Vol. 1

The story has been written thus far and it is a story of success that reimagines innovation into powerful art; Bryan C. Simmons born in Vallejo, California is at the forefront of this story. This consummate jazz pianist and composer found a way to tell his endless tales through resonant melodies and that is why he has been swiftly blending melodies with inspiration in mind so as to articulate powerful tracks that entrance much more than the ears- this reaches deep within the soul and heart of a listener and rekindles all feelings that might have been hiding.

He has had the honor of touring the world with three-time Grammy Award-winning artist Fantastic Negrito and also performing at various sold-out events globally. Bryan C. Simmons leveraged some of the inspiration he got from nature during the pandemic to come up with a 7-piece masterpiece dubbed, “Nature’s Harmony Vol. 1.”

Melodies like these are the best to lose yourself to with nothing but an open mind as you peacefully meditate over every detail; reliving within that limitless imagination that each track affords. Every tune in here is open for interpretation and that is the best thing as it exudes different emotions for every listener.

“Cloudy Blue Clouds” for example has that marvelously engulfing melody that offers an inexplicable retrospection that emanates from most normal days. It’s more like the typical feeling you get when walking and looking up in the vast sky with the clouds forming shapes that feel artistic more than coincidental!

“Mosswood” exudes instant gratification with the melodies build around the trunks and stumps of trees frequently found in morasses. This tune is near-mystical and the best to study as it augments that element of concentration in your mind that is always welcomed!

There is so much more from this nature-inspired collection that will be officially available on the 21st and I honestly cannot keep calm. This is much more than the music- this is pure art that is indescribably magical- stay tuned!



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