Royce DeZorzi Composes a Soul-satisfying Instrumental Album “Denver” Featuring Enticing Rhythms

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Royce Dezorzi Denver

Royce Dezorzi, a seasoned musician in the bluegrass and folk genres, is ready to bless the world with his excellent guitar soundscapes with his recently published album. The album “Denver” takes the listener to Denver, as he pays respect to the mountain city where he created his sound before relocating to Nashville, Tennessee.

Each song in “Denver” is an acoustic folk/blues guitar work of art with no other rhythmic or lyrical distractions. The songs’ successive creation of harmonic notes gives the tracks an ethereal vibe that is highly unique in today’s music industry.

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This album offers a highly melodic acoustic guitar strumming, soulful arpeggios, uplifting riffs, and astonishing crescendos. The title track “Denver”  weaves its magic on your ears as you are taken through a world of wonderment where you will feel like you are flying over mountains or sailing across seas while being indulged in musical pleasures.

This together with the tracks in the album tracks give off a whimsical vibe that is filled with incredible instrumental arrangements which will leave you feeling relaxed yet uplifted at the same time.

A folk genre enthusiast or not, you will love every minute spent listening to this enticing Album and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their music stunningly innovated and staggeringly decorated!

To sink your teeth in the other equally sensational melodies; follow the attached link, stream the whole of the album without skipping a song and find out your favorite anthems which will make a large chunk of your listening experience in the whole of this year!



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