Definitely Not Luke’s Diverse New EP, “Cantelau,” Is Heartfelt and Gripping!

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Luke is Definitely Not Luke in musical terms! This headline hitter has built a signature sound that incorporates crafty musical fusion of any genre you could think of, including the DIY lo-fi sound. Definitely Not Luke has actually built a ponderous fanbase off of unanimously acclaimed projects like “Jupiter”, “Wonderful” and “Crashing”, gaining him massive traction in the music scene; for example, he has over 20K Spotify monthly listeners! The development of his eclectic sound is the result of a lifetime of musical influences, and after honing his sound over the past few years, Definitely Not Luke’s music now provides a unique combination of genre-defying melodies, eccentric lyrics, and effortlessly powerful vocals.

Definitely Not Luke’s new EP “Cantelau” has been the talk of the town lately, with a massive number of listeners quick to critically acclaim it on the digital platforms, gauging by the tremendous stream numbers the tracks have been generating!

And this is no fluke at all; “Cantelau” is a representative of Not Luke’s impressive style that is not limited to any genre lines as he craves for that freedom and goes on to deliver such a sonically elegant and timeless piece as this.

The rawness and intensity of the guitar riffs in the banger “3AM” give this tune its undeniably agreeable rock embers. Genre-wise, “3AM” is drenched in rock, showcasing once again the recording, mixing, and mastering prowess of Definitely Not Luke.

With meaningful and socially relevant lyricism at its core, Not Luke manages to deliver a more melodic, less abrasive, and relatively catchy pop anthem in the track “maybe”. This tune just has a vibrant pop-ish tone that makes you just want to dance along like no one’s watching.

The third track “Every Second” kind of cleverly summarizes the two tunes with its genre-bending qualities, which make it fit anywhere you feel it deserves; trust me, after listening to it in its entirety, you will absolutely know!

I get  why Luke, or Definitely Not Luke chose to separate his real name from his creative name, albeit humorously! By denying his ‘name’, Definitely Not Luke can focus on his art, without external baggage and disturbances; that’s a rare gift in today’s overwhelming world!

There is your hero, there is your headliner, and here is your magnificent EP that is worthy of setting the mood for any occasion; follow the attached link and have at it!



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