Emerging Independent Star Meds1 Takes Us on a Gratifying Melodic Escapade in His Latest “Empiré” Album

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Meds1 is the next heavyweight star coming from within the shores of the busy streets of Dallas, Texas. Originally from Morocco, his own style mirrors a variety of influences including the French and Arabian ones as he affords a very dynamic sound that is not entirely restricted to any type of genre- he is easy on the ears on the hip-hop melodies as he is on the pop and dance inspired melodies. Having been influenced by famed artists such as Drake, Rihanna and Major Lazor, he seeks his own artistry to reach such heights and upholds that wave to inherit longevity where his stories will be told forever!

He is now back with a very enthralling collection dubbed, “Empiré”- a 12-piece collection that more than anything tells his story through his own voice. Influenced by life’s happening around him including the cultural ones, this masterpiece is one ear-grabbing piece of action and best enjoyed while you have strapped in for you are in for one hell of a ride!

That, “Intro” right there epitomizes such artistic flex and foundation magnitude- it features a resplendent and charming guitar intro with the colorful and bass embellished beats dripping in with a heavy sensation as the modern synth waves and traditional nuances are complemented by Meds1’s own lyrical ingenuity as he flexes his rap muscles without missing!

“Kim & Keke” has a very authentic guitar intro with his distinct vocals that are strong and stand out as he milly-rocks over the blend of the dutiful drums and the bass-inspired beats for one memorable performance.

“Cali Bars” is an amalgamation of an emo-inspired ballad that has been quoted with the electro-dance-inspired pop medley for that warmth and diversity with his vocals fitting in perfectly to this style and performance.

“Plage de tѐlѐ’ takes you to an indescribably beautiful French beach as you enjoy the French Cuisine overlooking the vast seas and oceans with the waters crashing against each other in what is a site to behold. The tune captures your senses and before you know it, there is an entrancing beat switch that is so unexpected but so perfectly fitting! This changes the dynamic of the track and you find yourself caught up in the action as you swim your way to the holiday of your life- what ensues needs something a little stronger and I couldn’t think of anything more than the French wine!

There is a lot to enjoy even from the tracks, “W”, “Ocean Dreaming”, “Less It Hurt” and others. All you have to do is strap in and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of your lifetime!

To enjoy this album- follow the attached link, find out your favorite tracks from the collection and add them as favorites under your playlist!


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