Cycling Inspired and Melodically Redefined; This Is a New Euphonious World Designed by Svenson in His Latest EP, “Cycology”

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Svenson Cycology

Sven Kühbauch who goes professionally as Svenson may be the quintessential rock star of the year; an internationally acclaimed, award-winning composer whose multi-talents are showcased as a guitarist, author, and instructor. His melodic ensemble acknowledges no defined boundaries between style and eras with his rock sound bridging the gap between the golden rock era with the modern futuristic aura of the rock n roll fascination that allows even the upcoming Generation Z to find a certain level of significant intrigue in this kind of style.

Svenson is the winner of the German Rock- und Pop-Preis and has had the pleasure of working with renowned artists such as; Jennifer Batten (Jeff Beck, Michael Jackson), Rhani Krija (Sting, Al Di Meola), and Alexander Veljanov (Deine Lakaien). Despite being 45 years old, he is nowhere near done and his athleticism and young phase have always been augmented by his passion for cycling and bike racing which keeps him looking energetic and ready to face the next decade with the same vitality!

He has a new 6-piece EP titled, “Cycology” and you don’t need to understand rocket science to know what inspired this EP; yeah that’s right- the cycling and bike racing dazzling world were behind this stunningly innovated masterpiece. So just sit down or hop on your bike and let the music take over, from the first tune all the way to the last one- I can assure you that it is absolutely worth your time and ride!

“Rock That Road Bike” is that enthralling and cinematographic tune that radiates raw and unbridled passion with the way everything is reengineered to not only cause fascination but also take a listener on that wholesome racing experience right from the word go. This is far from your average rock sound; there is so much attention to detail even in the way the instruments are blended, with each staking its claim and performing to its designated role with inventive splendor- it’s so much like the perfect fitting piece in a puzzle and you love solving every challenge it presents!

Candid gratification, and sensational ingenuity that sits at the yardstick of genuine brilliancy is the case of the whole of this EP with the thriller in “Red Dragon” straight off of the big screens and the blockbuster fascination in “Blue Dragon” meant for the riders! There is that entrancing strength of steel in the title track, “Cycology” and the abundance in theme and reflection in the tunes, “Tour de Theia” and “Mont Ventoux” is staggeringly spectacular!

Follow the attached link and drink to the thirst-quenching melodic splash as blended by Svenson!


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