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Visionary music producer and songwriter Zoey Tess’ latest release “In These Dreams” hits so close to home in so many ways.

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When we talk about music, some people just consider it some kind of art that brings people together, and that is okay. But for one prodigious female music producer and songwriter, Zoey Tess, it’s more than just an art, it is the power behind it that makes it special—the power to heal, move, inspire, empower, and uplift, among many other amazing things. Music is not just in her, but it is her, has been for as long as she can remember, and to be able to wield music’s power and change people’s lives is something she will remain eternally grateful for. Whether she’s sad, happy, anxious, heartbroken, or in love, she is able to express herself through music…and that’s not what can be said of so many of us out here!

Well, Zoey Tess is back with a brilliant new single, “In These Dreams,” an inspirational tune set to a warm, smooth, and inviting pop-inspired soundscape. With this song, she intends to uplift and inspire a listener to just follow their hearts, dream again, and be willing to take this new leap of faith with unwavering hope. As the catchy and unforgettable chorus captures, “maybe it’s time, starting all over and feeling alive!”

The forbearing melodies of the song’s intro wash over a listener like the gentle breeze of the ocean, enveloping a listener in a warm embrace thanks to the touchingly beautiful piano tones and the mesmerizing violin that provide a benign backdrop for the equally kindly and tender female vocals.

The patient and restraining tone is then made a bit lively with the crisp drums and electric guitar, driving the track forward but still maintaining its easy-going nature that serenades the open chest of the listener.

While the lenient tone of the song is alluring, the fulfilling nature of the song’s powerful lyrics is also something to behold.

“In These Dreams” has already attained close to 20K streams on Spotify alone and in such a short span of time. A huge testament to its likeability and radio-staple qualities.

The feeling of satisfaction, joy, and pride Zoey Tess is feeling having written and co-produced this track is more than enough words can quantify. For her heartfelt efforts, she absolutely deserves this and so much more.

Savor this uplifting masterpiece by checking the attached link and do one better by recommending it to a friend.

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