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Hip-hop artists The-O and BlokStar are set to release their collaborative album titled “Phantasmagoria.”

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The-O is known for his prominent delivery and the ability to harmonize melodies in hip-hop and rap. He has made a significant impact on rap music lovers by consistently delivering quality music that promises longevity. His music, often inspired by daily life and street narratives, consistently offers something of value to listeners. He skillfully incorporates influences from hip-hop legends with his unique twists, creating a distinct sound and presence.

BlokStar is an exceptionally gifted emcee with a matchless way with words. He has honed his skills, made a strong impact on the game, and never compromised his artistry.

Both artists entered the studio and created magic with their latest album, titled “Phantasmagoria”—a mesmerizing body of work that is a celebration of the magic that can occur when two artists unite, each recognizing the other’s worth.

The album evokes the stripped-back essence of the early days of 2Pac, Biggie, and A Tribe Called Quest. The duo went above and beyond to create a deep connection with the listener and get at the heart of each track.

“Melodic Fantasy,” featuring Peter Anguria, is a delicious blend of rap and R&B. The duo showcases impressive flows, switch-ups, and rhythm in the tune “Try Not to Dream” featuring Hollyhood Tay, and unleashes a lyrical masterclass with the freestyle track, “Come Get Some Freestyle.”

The track “Gun Zone” features the signature drill spark, and the emcees match its hard-hitting instrumentation with equally heavy bars. “House Made of Sand” evokes a nostalgic and conscious sound, delivered with heart, soul, and purpose.

The entire album is a hit; every tune resonates on various levels, which is why I’m stoked for its release. This is what the hip-hop and rap industry needs right now; anyone saying otherwise is not in tune with real hip-hop.

“Phantasmagoria” will officially drop on November 23, 2023, on all streaming platforms. Mark the date on your calendar and keep calm for what is arguably one of the best rap albums!


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