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London-Based Musician and Songwriter the Midnight River Crew Delivers a Unique and Fascinating New Ep Titled “Mistress in the House of Life”

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The Midnight River Crew, led by London-based musician Mark Johnson, an artist dedicated to preserving authentic music and championing timeless sounds. He draws upon his extensive musical experience, backed by an immensely expressive voice and a deep understanding of the times. Music acts as a platform where his emotions can be freely expressed, allowing him to speak universally about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Deeply personal, genre-blending, and unique in his approach, Mark’s distinct take on different styles has set his sound and sights ahead of others of similar standing!

His latest 3-track EP, “Mistress In The House Of Life” is timeless, highly listenable, and evocative.

I love the film-like approach to storytelling adopted in the title song. The way he takes you through the story with his rich vocals is similar to a setting in the theater watching some mysterious blockbuster; with each scene, a new mystery arises, and that is the intrigue of all of it, keeping you captivated from start to finish.

The mellow guitar and elegant strings serve as the backdrop for Mark’s stunning vocals, which effortlessly float and soar, delivering a performance brimming with emotion and soul. This performance right here showcases the depth and versatility of The Midnight River Crew’s artistic vision!

“Charlie Rainbow” also adopts a storybook approach, with Mark’s distinct vocals oscillating through the stunning guitar soundscape, evoking such warmth and emotional depth. His powerful and passionate vocal performance, masterfully delivered in his striking voice, draws the listener in and rewards them with an unforgettable experience.

“This Child” carries a deeply relevant theme about the stolen innocence of children in a world that is perhaps moving too fast and has forgotten that children are just children and should be left as such. Mark’s vocals are emotion-drenched, backed by the power and projection to really conjure up the song’s essence and narrative. While having a powerful voice is important, maintaining solid intonation is equally crucial, and Mark clearly has a masterful level of control over his voice that gives it both a seasoned and mature-like quality.

“Mistress In The House Of Life” is simply musicianship at its finest and a huge testament to Mark’s experience and limitless excellence as a songwriter and musician.

To listen to this EP, follow the link below and savor the experience to the fullest!


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