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International Wordsmith THE LOOSE CANNON65 Is Set to Release 2024’s Anthem, “No Homo,” Celebrating Heterosexual Identity.

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THE LOOSE CANNON65 didn’t get this far just because he is a ‘good’ artist. He transcends the standard of good. In fact, he is an extraordinary emcee and artist, making music on another level simply because he is one. With experience to match and a catalog that has earned massive streams across all platforms, this born star has carved out his own space in the industry and is proving to be rap music’s own messiah. His lyrical prowess speaks for itself, but it is his ability to chop freakish cadences effortlessly while taking his fans on a deep and personal journey that has separated him and put him in a class of his own. His versatility means that he can conjure up hip-hop anthems for the streets as easily as he can Top 40 hits that can compete with the best of them!

CANNON65 is now set to release his much-looked-for single, “No Homo”- an anthem that celebrates heterosexual pride and identity. He is seeking to lyrically restore balance and spark deep conversations about these issues with the intent of fostering thoughtful dialogue.

With an aggressive flow, clever lyrics, and an impeccable beat, CANNON65 visually paints images with his words as he gets to the heart of the song with some raw, spotlight-stealing bars that encourage every straight man and woman to be proud and loud about their sexuality.

This is a raw masterpiece that does not tiptoe around its subject matter, and if for some reason someone finds it offensive, then the problem is theirs because the intention for coming up with an anthem for the artist was not to spark controversy but to initiate conversations around this subject and so much more.

“No Homo” will officially launch on January 19, 2024, and is a track that you don’t honestly want to miss out on.

CANNON65 exudes passion and purpose as he seeks to generate buzz on the international scene with songs like these that address issues that so many of us are thinking about but are afraid to talk about.

Check him out on Instagram to continue with the conversations, interact with his posts, and you never know—you might be one of the lucky winners of printed “No Homo” merchandise.


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