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Internationally acclaimed UK singer-songwriter TaniA Kyllikki returns with a fresh new track titled “In These Eyes,” featuring Rynellton.

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Internationally acclaimed singer TaniA Kyllikki has left her unique imprint on the music industry, commanding global attention, and is now feeding her loyal fan base as well as new listeners with back-to-back hits. Even before we can get over “H.W.C.” and “What If”, TaniA is back with another delightfully charming ballad themed “In These Eyes”- a fresh new sound with a crossover appeal.

What will not escape your eyes is how beautiful and striking the cover art is. Featuring Egyptian-inspired make up, TaniA embodies the look of an Arabic goddess with the Egyptian-inspired makeup. and this cover art perfectly fits in with the track’s essence and context.

The driving electronic beat lays the groundwork for “In These Eyes” and quite cinematically, TaniA’s whispery soft voice accompanies it up to around the 28-second mark, where other percussive instruments are proficiently allowed in to add color to the tune.

It is at this point that TaniA’s voice becomes wildly alive, and as you have come to expect of her, she unleashes a powerhouse vocal range that many artists can only dream of. She lets her soul out and bleeds on that mic to create a deep connection with anyone listening in.

The Arabic influences in her lead vocals and the alluring harmonies in the background captivate the listener. This is pure, gracious artistry delivered with such incredible showmanship.

Her husband and producer, Garry D. Hairston alias Rynellton showcases another side to his artistry despite production with that complementary rap verse that adds sonic elegance and flair to the song.

“In These Eyes” is the tale of a man who was spellbound by a beautiful woman’s green-blue eyes, shot his shot, and now they’re married…a love story that culminates in a happily ever after scenario.

I want to acknowledge the broad range and appeal that this tune exudes; there is something for everyone in this just one track: lovers of house music will definitely feel that electronic thrill; soulful R&B is quite unmistakable following TaniA’s crystal clear and graciously gentle voice, Rynellton makes sure rap fanatics have something to ingest here, that Arabic influence adds to its pop sensation; and there is that rock influence that ingratiates itself with the listener somewhere in this exciting arrangement.

“In These Eyes” is the perfect soundtrack for anyone’s playlist and a tune I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

To sink your teeth into this musical masterpiece, follow the attached link and let it make its way into your favorite playlist.

“In These Eyes” is the first single off of TaniA’s upcoming sophomore album titled “Free Spirited” which is projected for 2024 release.


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