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Emerging Meta Artist With Dream Stolengoods Showcases What It’s All About in the Inspired Music Video for “Atlantic Ave”

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Stolengoods is as distinctive as his stage name sounds; this virtuosic virtual artist and composer has a dream and he is slowly but surely turning that dream into a reality as he leverages his virtual compulsion to create a boundary-busting career where he fuses his love for the metaverse with intriguing melodies. He comes through with that persistent determination to make a name for himself as an admired meta musician and it will only be a matter of time before he lives his dream in its entirety!

Stolengoods serves as a bartender and it is only appropriate that his music is an enticing blend of various forms whilst still firmly rooted in metaverse exploration! He also owns a virtual reality company in his native Virginia Beach area.

Delving deep into the reality of every day and night in his hometown of VA Beach- the walks, the skating and even the partying, there is just some special memories that come out including where Stolengoods met the love of his love; in downtown Atlantic Ave street and this is what inspired the single, “Atlantic Ave.”

From the outside, this is a very dreamy track with emo inspiration and the way his slightly auto-tuned vocals harmonize over the hip-hop/pop-inspired beats is really interest-seducing. This is a complete performance that is undeniably anthemic and allows a listener to get lost especially in those infectious and memorable hooks performed so passionately.

You will feel all right through the melodies the way Stolengoods felt alright through that electric avenue where a deep love was manifested and it came to be. If you think the melodies and vocal performances are hypnotic enough, wait until you try the meta-inspired music video you will be blown away!

This is an exceptional creation that grabs a listener’s attention from the onset all the way as Stolengoods takes you on a memorable metaverse adventure with the out-of-this-world visual innovation- such eye candy!

To listen to this masterpiece while having a tour around the metaverse; follow the attached link, subscribe to Stolengoods’ YouTube channel and make this art piece go viral by sharing it everywhere for it is deserving of a massive fan base!



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