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Critically acclaimed, boundary-pushing New Jersey artist Stevie 808 is back with a delightfully nostalgic new single, “Black Ice,” featuring Olivia Melfi.

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Uncaged by the constraints of industry norms and genre conventions, and with a deep understanding of rhythm, melody, and harmony, New York native and New Jersey-based artist and producer Stevie 808 creates music that is as innovative as it is infectious and immersive. He traverses territories, blends genres, and experiments with sounds to create something not only unique and distinctive but also highly accessible. This independent spirit has defined his music and inspired a generation of upcoming artists seeking to carve their own path in this transient space. Making his mark one hit at a time, Stevie 808’s creative conviction is undeniable, and his momentum unstoppable!

In the ever-evolving landscape of pop-rock, sometimes it’s the simplest beats that resonate the most. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Stevie 808’s latest release, “Black Ice,” featuring the incredibly gifted Olivia Melfi.

With beats that are both nostalgic and straightforward, “Black Ice” is a delightful throwback to the essence of pop-rock, guaranteed to keep your head nodding and your spirit uplifted.

It’s the simple details that really matter, like how the track starts with a familiar radio cassette playing in the car, immediately taking a listener back to that exact moment in their life—perhaps traveling with their parents and someone pushing the play button. This kind of music permeates.

The blend of rhythm and melody is hauntingly beautiful and lively, with a danceable quality, but still reserved thanks to its nostalgic undertones. Exquisite details, such as the opening of the car door, underscore its pop qualities, and the seamless beat switch around 1:55 allows its subtle hip-hop sensibilities to thrive, highlighting the track’s far-reaching appeal.

Throughout, you’ll be treated to squeaky-clean guitars, striking riffs, punchy drums, effortless percussion, and the sweet-sounding vocals of Olivia and Stevie as they make an anthem out of this song inspired by the fragmented feelings of heartbreak.

Fans of emotive artists like The Weeknd are bound to be drawn to the raw vulnerability and bittersweet nostalgia permeating this powerful song, which is guaranteed to leave a lasting imprint on their hearts and souls.

“Black Ice” is set to continue marking a significant milestone in Stevie 808’s budding career and set the scene for his upcoming debut album “808,” scheduled for an August 8, 2024 release.

For now, vibe to “Black Ice” and add it to your favorite playlist.


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