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Some Distant Memory’s “Reflections” album is an action-packed and thrilling sonic adventure that highlights its impressive range.

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There can be beauty in the strange and unknown, and after listening to Some Distant Memory’s five-track album ‘Reflections,’ I now know that music can be enjoyed in many distinct flavors. What you experience here is quite different from what you may have been accustomed to when you listen to any kind of artist, and that’s the beauty and elegance of it. You’d be surprised at how this five-track album spans over 52 minutes! This is a feat that only Some Distant Memory can achieve. This solo project, instigated by visionary Jasper Ian Albrecht with the help of his animated bandmates, explores electronic music in ways that you don’t come across every other Tuesday.

To at least paint a picture for you, ‘Reflections’ is the kind of project with tunes that seamlessly transition and gain intensity and depth the more they progress. The opener, ‘Novel Narrative Instrumental,’ is cinematic with an unmistakable robotic influence and haunting components, making it an ideal accompaniment for your wild thoughts. The emotions evoked differ from one listener to the next. I feel that this is what Some Distant Memory intended with this project: to evoke different emotional responses from different listeners.

With ‘Raised in the Shades,’ it feels like you have inhabited this foreign space as the instrumentals unfold with dramatic thrill, and the robotic vocal samples add to the otherworldly nature of the track. For me, it feels as if you’re in the mind of a sci-fi film setting like ‘Furiosa,’ experiencing its epic nature.

‘Forwards and Backwards’ is the longest from this collection, clocking at 19:41, as Some Distant Memory takes us on this sonic odyssey marked by constant discovery as the music seamlessly transitions in melody and rhythm as it progresses. The same applies to the last track, ‘Just a Story,’ which spans 12 minutes and 21 seconds, taking you round and round in circles until it is no more.

All through, you have to appreciate this level of craftsmanship, even if this kind of music isn’t ideally your cup of tea. This is the kind of music that aids your introspective and sometimes unsettling thoughts, which are everywhere.

Part 2 of this album is expected soon enough, as Some Distant Memory transcends the mere appeal of music with tracks that ooze drama, epic instrumental scores, and robotic inflections to underscore their cinematic thrill.

Take some time, stream this album in its entirety, and share your thoughts with us on how the music makes you feel. I am sure Some Distant Memory will appreciate the feedback.

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