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Athens Based Poet Shedrick S.H.E.D Barnett Breaks From His Usual Poetry-Defined Music to Create His First Ever Rap Tune Titled, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

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Shedrick S.H.E.D Barnett has been treading on a pathway blistering with poetry, and he has made sure to make his mark on the landscape by delivering back-to-back poetic masterpieces flanked by dazzling collaborations with other artists and vocalists. His impressive catalog boasts five albums already, with his 2022 series, “A Poet Was Here,” receiving deserved critical acclaim from far and wide. Barnett is also a gifted author with two books, “Finally out of the Bedroom” and “Poetic Storytelling” to his name.

While many have gotten used to his poetic-flavored style of performance, he decided to take a little detour, and that is how his first-ever rap track, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” was born…a scintillating masterpiece that reaches a defiant peak, elevating Barnett’s status as a committed and versatile artist to an unrivaled high, this is artistry per excellence.

Embellishing this banger with a healthy amount of thought-provoking bars, attention-grabbing flow patterns, and cadence, Shedrick makes sure he has your attention throughout the track’s length with that near-flawless execution delivered with immediate authenticity to make this track feel genuinely brand new.

Many artists have fascinating narratives, but few really incorporate vivid stories with such poignancy, honesty, and heartfelt conviction as Shedrick does in this performance that cuts across rap and spoken word so efficiently that you almost don’t notice!

His delivery here is poised and confident to fashion a record that is intense in lyrical content and delivery, matching the musical theme, which is all about calling out the narcissistic people and their BS and letting them know that their days of hurting selfless people are over…this is the last nail in their coffin!

With a tailored delivery over a heavy production with cinematic undertones, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” is the perfect soundtrack for your playlist—add it as soon as possible and share the track with others as well!



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