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Independent and International Award-Winning Top Artist Sarantos Has Another Piece of Cake “Party in Texas” That Is Just as Delicious!

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Sarantos is major proof that independent artists can be just as successful as their counterparts who enjoy the backing of major record labels. Ever since November 2012 when he decided to venture into music following the death of his father and having battled with some personal and physical storms along the way, the galaxy has been the limit for Sarantos, cementing his legacy with each release and building his own fan base through his radio shows, authorship, and poetry and has now risen to the brink of superstardom seeing his music top-charting on numerous platforms. He focuses on his strengths with the fusion of the 80s rock and transcending pop melodic bliss combined with ear-gracing instrumentation to design what can be otherwise be described as a fully charged arsenal of high-octane music. This decent artist full of integrity and character also ensures that most of his fortunes are donated to charity and charitable courses in order to help out those who are not capable and have been neglected by the unforgiving world. Through and through, you can expect a new video, new music, and new chapter in each and every week of a new month.

The stun to feel the music for what it is, is on a charmingly new dimension as his new single “Party in Texas” takes wave in rocky-stylish fashion, greeting the airwaves with a major cocktail of refreshingly intense guitar tones balanced with the detailed skill to blend impeccably with the rock defined drums percussion and given a vibrant life as Sarantos’ own evocative and joyously expressive vocals do the magic and dare to create harmonic affluence with the instrumentation!

Filled with both lively grace and refinement, “Party in Texas” is an extravagantly performed and dedicatedly written piece that lyrically captivates and leaves listeners in an exhilarated state of reflection with the tremendous amount of flair and luxurious melodicism gliding over in vibrant fashion against the genre-obedient instrumental flow and grandiose vocal spark that supports it!

Sarantos did a magnificent job of capturing and conveying the contemplative and playful nature of the lyrics with utmost delicacy and meticulous intensity. This is a track for generations and is why Sarantos is where he is musical, climbing the ladder of success like a tactical genius! Follow the attached link and wrap yourself in this rich sonic blanket that Sorantos has crafted!

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