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Durban-Born and Central Swiss-Based Rapper RXCO NATAL Explores Personal Struggles in Emotive Album “GOD’S WILL”

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The musical prowess of RXCO NATAL, the central Swiss-based artist born in South Africa’s Durban, is an attestation to his deep-seated love for hip-hop, which he nurtured since his youth. RXCO IS, RXCO WAS, AND RXCO WILL BE, an artist who seeks to carve his unique style and path in the competitive music industry.

“God’s Will” by RXCO NATAL is an opus that delves into the artist’s struggles, from his darkest moments to his shining achievements. This album is a fusion of hip-hop and R&B that encapsulates RXCO’s unwavering determination to succeed in the music world. Commencing with a 29-second spoken word “Intro”, the album sets the tone for a profound introspective journey through RXCO’s life.

The tracks on “God’s Will” explore RXCO’s life’s vicissitudes, with “Die Young” and “Blame” portraying the darkness and struggles that the artist has encountered. On the other hand, “Let Us Go” and “Let Us Go” are reflective tracks that reveal RXCO’s personal journey. In the middle of the album, “Skit” is 44-second spoken words that serve as interludes.

One standout track on “God’s Will” is “Way I Get It,” featuring the legendary Rick Ross. This track is a fusion of classic hip-hop beats and modern rap styles, creating a unique sound that showcases both artists’ talents. RXCO NATAL’s smooth flow and Rick Ross’s signature husky voice blend perfectly, creating a dynamic synergy that takes the track to another level.

The lyrics of “Way I Get It” are raw and honest, with RXCO NATAL addressing his haters and critics head-on. He talks about the challenges he’s faced in his career and how he’s persevered despite the odds. The lyrics “I just wanna hit you back, but I got all my dogs running back” are particularly impactful, underscoring RXCO’s determination to rise above the negativity and focus on his craft.

Tracks 7 and 8 showcase RXCO NATAL’s range as an artist, as he navigates between introspective and upbeat tracks seamlessly. “On the Leaves,” track 7, is a reflective and introspective track that features RXCO’s powerful lyricism and mellow beat, while track 8, “Rockin Wit,” featuring Dizzy Wright, is a lively and upbeat track that showcases RXCO’s versatility. Together, these tracks add a dynamic range to the album, highlighting RXCO’s ability to create a diverse range of sounds and styles.

The last track on “God’s Will” is a 39-second outro, which, like the “Intro” and “Skit”, is also in spoken words. The outro serves as a perfect bookend to the album, bringing the listener back to the present moment after the emotional journey they’ve just been on. The spoken word outro serves as a reminder to stay true to oneself and to keep pushing forward, no matter what life throws our way.

Additionally RXCO NATAL announced that he will be releasing a new album in September featuring collaborations with Benny the Butcher and Sean Kingston. Fans of RXCO and hip-hop, rap and R&B enthusiasts alike can look forward to more music from this talented artist.

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