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Discover Hidden Treasures From Internationally Famed Producer and Musician Roman Müller’s Extensive Discography!

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Roman Müller

Music producer and artist Roman Müller has been the star of the show recently, with his critically and deservedly acclaimed songs attracting over 70 Million Streams on Spotify alone, owing to his pre-possessing technical know-how, innate musicianship, and that ear for a hit backed by his knack for the commercial. Signed under, “Swedish Label TGR Music Group/Sony Music Sweden”, this accomplished maestro is superstardom material from the top all the way to the bottom. He currently boasts of over 500 K Spotify monthly listeners with his impressive catalog embellished with stunningly innovative tracks that are deeply rooted in tropical house elegance!

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His track, “What It Is” which was universally received with love has over 6.1 million streams. This ageless masterpiece that he featured singer Foulds is irrefutably the mark of consummate engineering and performance. I give him his flowers for this tropical house anthem has all the quality features if a radio staple and it is no surprise it has endeared itself to so many listeners.

There is a certain hypnotizing glamour with the track, “Blame” that I can’t seem to get off of my mind. This spellbinding tune has over 6.3 million Spotify streams and it is one of those tracks I listened to over and over more than 10 times and I still can’t get enough of it. Featuring singer Matt Wills, they easily transform this into a catchy anthem that is so delicious you wish it never ends. Blending the fixation of those tropical house beats with the prolific vocals and you are transfixed throughout the track’s length!

There is quality, fashion, distinction, and flamboyance in tracks like; “Chile Queen’, “Lovetide”, “Fall in Love”, “Feel Alive”, “Easy Life” and many others. All you have to do is just push the play button and watch as your listening experience changes forever.

Follow the attached Spotify link and stand to be counted with other over 500K listeners enjoying heaven on earth!


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