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Switzerland-based duo Read the News link to catch up with Munich-based producer Naeiiv to authenticate the special EP, “Euphoria in Paradise”

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Read the News possesses a versatility that is unprecedented in tech house music. Their ability to incorporate contrasting musical ideas means that listeners are always treated to never ending thrills. The Swiss duo has garnered plaudits and steadily gained traction with their live gigs, which are always full of energy as they get crowds to dance the night away with their live mixes; demonstrating an inimitable knack for audience connection. It has always been Read the News’ overarching ambition to inspire people by capturing moments through their music and live gigs and transporting listeners to places where they can be completely lost in the music.

Their music, reflecting their life experiences and perceptions of the world around them, resonates deeply with their audiences.

Read the News turned the music industry on its head following the release of the track “Euphoria in Paradise,” which has gone on to become a fan favorite and club staple. The duo really brought a level of innovation to a timeless hit that transports listeners to a different realm; captivating audiences in a way that perhaps hasn’t been done in quite some time!

Two impressive and transcendental remixes emerged from this undeniable masterpiece, both featuring the phenomenally gifted Munich-based producer Naeiiv, offering listeners an escape from reality and a deeply personal connection to the music.

The original is quite something that deserves to be in the spotlight. The buildup is slow and really allows the listener to get drawn into the song, and once it gains pace, there is no holding back with the deep driving beat, upbeat and catchy melodies, epic synths and pads, and other electronic elements coming together to fashion something extra special.

The balancing of the hypnotic rhythms and pulsating beat makes you want to dance nonstop, and the intriguing, unpredictable melodic improvisations absolutely stop you in your tracks. This combination is guaranteed to transport audiences to another universe, where they get to lose themselves in the music and dance the night away in that state of music inspired euphoria.

“Euphoria in Paradise – Naeiiv Remix” has so many intriguing standout features, but I feel that the sense of energy and cinematic thrill it has are particularly strong. This soundtrack features Naeiiv’s cinematic touch with a filmic, illustrative melodic arrangement birthed from the breakbeats and epic drops to get a listener heavily invested.

Both Read the News and Naeiiv excel in blending a plethora of intriguing ideas, resulting in a work brimming with both liveliness and charisma. This improvisation really is for the big screen and is guaranteed to have you completely lost in the music.

I love how there is a lot happening and how the track seamlessly transitions into “Euphoria in Paradise – Naeiiv’s Walk Into Paradise Remix,” with the tune building on the cinematic, film-like arrangement and whisking a listener into a new scene, provoking thoughts and imagery.

This track has a distinctive filmographic quality with trippy sound effects and swirling synths that add to the otherworldly atmosphere, perfectly capturing the mood the artists intended for it.

Read the News is swiftly and rightfully gaining recognition on the global scene. With the release of this new project, that evolution is set to reach even greater levels than ever.

With their unyielding passion for music and unwavering dedication to their craft, Read the News is the duo to watch as they continue to break barriers and inspire listeners around the globe.

To listen to this stunning body of work, follow the attached link and if you feel the vibe, save the music to your playlist and don’t hesitate to share it with friends.

For real-time updates on Read the News’ music and live gigs, check out their Website and Instagram


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