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Qonfliq and Wyshmaster Join Forces in “Im Jus Tryna Make It,” a Stirring Ode to the Struggle for Success in the Cutthroat World of Hip-Hop

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Qonfliq Im Jus Tryna Make It

Amidst the countless releases in the hip-hop world, Qonfliq’s latest track stands out as a poignant reflection on the challenging pursuit of success. Titled “Im Jus Tryna Make It,” the track features the up-and-coming artist’s signature rapid-fire delivery, combined with the soulful vocals of featured artist Wyshmaster. The chemistry between the two artists is undeniable, resulting in a compelling piece that showcases their respective talents. As a rapper, producer, and songwriter, Qonfliq displays his versatility in crafting a track that is both emotionally charged and musically engaging.

Released on April 20, 2023, the track is an intriguing examination of the struggles and hardships that come with trying to achieve one’s goals.

The title of the song is intentionally ungrammatical, emphasizing the idea that the pursuit of success is not always neat or orderly, but rather a chaotic and disordered process. This unconventional use of language reflects the raw honesty of the track, which explores the darker side of ambition and the ways in which it can consume and overpower us.

At its core, “Im Jus Tryna Make It” is a powerful meditation on the complexities of the human experience. Qonfliq’s verses are a potent mix of introspection and vulnerability, capturing the emotional weight of the subject matter with a deft and nuanced touch. The chorus, sung by Wyshmaster, is hauntingly beautiful, imbuing the track with a sense of melancholy and longing that is uplifting.

The production of “Im Jus Tryna Make It” is top-notch. The track’s trap-infused sound is both modern and classic, with intricate melodies that combine to create a truly immersive sonic experience.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “Im Jus Tryna Make It” by Qonfliq featuring Wyshmaster on all major streaming platforms. Whether you’re grinding to make it big in the music industry, pursuing your own creative endeavors, or just trying to make it through each day, this track is sure to inspire and uplift you. So why wait? Stream “Im Jus Tryna Make It” today and experience the raw, authentic energy of Qonfliq and Wyshmaster for yourself!



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