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Los Angeles’ freshest musical talent, PoochTooth is set to drop his new banger, “Scorpio Shit”

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With an aggressive punk flow, clever poetic lyrics, and an impeccable taste for innovative beats, LA-based up-comer PoochTooth is striving to be an artist that challenges his audience’s thinking while keeping them vibing to the beat. He is a versatile wizard who emerges with a richly eclectic blend that combines the worlds of punk and rap, backed by first-rate execution from someone who is at the height of his creative expression and cannot wait to share his inventive music with you all. Brace yourselves for the explosive beats and fiery drops that define his sound. He comes through with an aggressive yet highly creative mind that will constantly amaze listeners as he transports them to different dimensions with his distinct sound, which proves everything is indeed possible!

PoochTooth has a new gift he is about to unveil to the world: “Scorpio Shit” is his upcoming single that is scheduled for official release on November 11, 2023, on all major digital platforms.

What a listener can expect from this raw piece of work is lyrical ingenuity and wise perspectives packaged in a refreshingly hard-hitting, masterful, and nimble cocktail as PoochTooth displays a hunger to ascertain his lyrical dexterity.

His own Scorpio personality served as the inspiration for “Scorpio Shit.” As someone who is passionate, independent, and unafraid to blaze his own trail no matter what others think, he wants to challenge the listener to be who they’ve always been and remain true to themselves no matter what everyone thinks of them. Being who you are and have always been is the true embodiment of character, strength, and personality. Never lose who you are because of people or situations, because they, like everything else in this world, are temporary!

A very significant and meaningful message packed in rap and punk, I have a feeling you’ll want to listen to this jam when it officially drops.

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