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Portugal-based EDM producer PHARI’s latest offering, “Alarm” is a refined masterpiece with timeless appeal.

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Introducing PHARI, the electrifying EDM prodigy from Portugal’s vibrant music scene. Millions of streams and a fervent global following have marked PHARI’s illustrious career, positioning him as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the realm of electronic dance music. His dynamic productions traverse the sonic landscape, seamlessly fusing elements of future house, melodic techno, electro, and other dance sub-genres into a kaleidoscope of sonic brilliance. With over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, PHARI continues to captivate and grow his audience with each new release. Each track he conjures is a testament to his unrivaled talent and boundless imagination, captivating listeners with infectious beats and spellbinding melodies. As PHARI continues to push the boundaries of EDM, his music serves as a testament to the power of innovation and the universal language of rhythm.

He is back with a brand new masterpiece dubbed “Alarm” that showcases his production brilliance, captivating listeners with such skill and poise and putting them in another dimension. Fresh off the success of his album ‘Broken Mind,’ which broke 250,000 streams on Spotify, “Alarm” is poised to become another significant hit for the Portuguese EDM producer.

The build-up is patient, as PHARI mentally prepares the listener for what to expect. The beautiful and ear-worming female vocals meet this smooth foundation, breathing life in the most pleasant of ways.

PHARI then adds depth and intensity with the driving melodies concocted by the sawtooth synths, the deep basslines, emphatic drums, and other signature electronic components, transporting a listener to a place close to paradise.

The enchanting female vocals continue to haunt this driving beat, giving the music such emotional appeal. This jam feels so timeless because of the meticulous attention to detail, which is nothing short of brilliant.

Captivating, catchy, infectious, and memorable is what “Alarm” is. This is music production at its finest, as PHARI stretches the limits of his own imagination to create something as enthralling as this.

To boost your playlist with this banger, how about you check the link attached and add this masterpiece to your library. Recommending it to friends, family members, and total strangers is highly advised.


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