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Victoria-based up-and-coming Rock Star PennyRoyale Gives a Wholesome Performance in Her New Album, “Pure Rapture”

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Intense Pleasure and joy is what you get from one PennyRoyale who hails from Geelong in Victoria. A dedicated singer and songwriter, PennyRoyale has been standing tall as one of the leading female rock voices as she outspokenly expresses a righteous, self-empowered swagger that has endeared her to critics and pop-rock purists.

Leveraging on every lesson she has collected while coming up coupled with in-game experience, her style of eclectic rock music has informed her uniqueness as she delivers her music with a masterful flow and a wise perspective over beats that skillfully blend the glam rock, hard rock, progressive rock and even the pop-rock.

She has a new 10-piece album dubbed, “Pure Rapture.” And can we just take a second to appreciate how fascinatingly beautiful that cover art is; indescribably eye-catching! With every track artistically transitioning into one another, the album still manages to remain coherent and seamless as an authentic body of work!

“Astronauts” is the opening single of this album and it immediately whisks you to a virtual space that is brimming with rock ecstasy. Possessing even the most basic yet enthralling qualities such as its catchiness and easily memorable lines, there is just an element to PennyRoyale’s vocal presentation that adds that flavor that will remain ingrained in your ears. The progression of the rock instrumentations complemented by the theatrical order definitely highlights the rhythmicity of this magnificent masterpiece.

“Sweet Charity” is just as intriguing and there is that quality harmony to PennyRoyale’s voice that makes all the difference in this glam-rock-inspired tune. Very nostalgic sounding and added relatability with the memorable hooks and catchy phrases such as “come on give it up!”, there is a lot to dig your teeth into this genuine piece. By the end of your listening experience, you will 100% agree with PennyRoyale that love doesn’t lose!

“Waiting For You” comes off as emotional and sentimental with a pop-flavored scent over the rock-inspired melodies giving it a very appealing taste for the ears. “Oh God” is another benevolent tune that exudes an emotional reliability aura and her heartfelt performance makes everything sound even better.

“Wilderness” feels very dreamy and progressively melancholic which contrasts brilliantly with PennyRoyale’s entrancing vocal performance. It is also fascinatingly the longest track of the album with nearly 4 minutes and 30 seconds of premium greatness! Some elements of hard rock are more alive in this jam expedited by that blend of electric guitars, drums and the bass with PennyRoyale complementing this orchestra with her self-assured vocals.

For lovers of all types of rock music, there is a lot to digest from the entire album and you will be quick to notice that some of the singles have already been deservedly acclaimed with tremendous stream numbers already.

To find out which tracks from the collection you will deeply resonate with; follow the attached Spotify link, stream “Pure Rapture” in its entirety and let your favorite jams embellish your playlist!


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