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Ukraine-Based Spectra Rock Band NOAPOLOGY (Sershen&Zaritskaya) Deliver an Engrossing Acoustic Version of Their Debut Single “Ashes”

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Many of rock music lovers have come to know NOAPOLOGY (formerly Sershen&Zaritskaya) for their epic covers of popular rock tracks- rounded out by the outstanding vocal queen Daria Zaritskaya, the no-nonsense guitarist Sergey Sershen, the phenomenally skilled bassist Alex Shturmak and the brutal drummer Dmitry Kim, NOAPOLOGY has a swaggering appetite for that eclectic rock flanked by an in-your-face attitude that is sorely lacking in modern music.

Their debut single, “Ashes,” which I would describe as a little slice of rock n roll heaven accompanied by tasty riffs and shredding guitars, has allowed the band to leave their indelible mark on classic rock and the prolific quartet has shown no signs of slowing down, gaining more devotees who are looking for something new and different.

“Ashes” has been unanimously acclaimed, going on to garner over one million YouTube views and hundreds of thousands of streams on popular platforms. This original masterpiece has birthed something new; an acoustic version that is equally magnificent.

Have you ever listened to a track that just revives you? Well, this acoustic version is the type that breathes life into your soul and makes you feel like you are on top of the world. Condemning the war in Ukraine unequivocally, Daria’s voice is like an instrument by itself; so mellifluous, angelic, and hearty you can listen to her sing all night long!

That acoustic guitar that is the main instrument here is performed with such craftsmanship and dexterity as you’d expect from someone of Sershen’s stature!

The track candidly picks up at the chorus with Daria’s immersive vocals sucking the listener in and rewarding them with an unforgettable performance…it is also here that the drums and bass are eased into fashion a lush soundscape that is cathartic and visceral.

NOAPOLOGY is just getting started- they have a debut album in the works that they can’t wait to share with their ever-expanding legion of fans.

NOAPOLOGY deserve everything great coming their way and I hope they go on to achieve superstardom and inspire a whole generation of rock bands!

Follow the attached link to indulge in this special acoustic version and let it embellish your playlist!


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