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Following their critically acclaimed debut, swiftly rising NJ-based punk-rock band Neveragain returns with the stirring sophomore “Red.”

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Consider yourself introduced to New Jersey-based punk-rock band Neveragain and their incredibly moving, energy-packed compositions and stories. Rendering the listener spellbound with their raw, honest accounts of real-life’s experiences over immersive, energetic, and infectious soundscapes, Neveragain is one of those rare bands whose words and sounds speak directly to your soul. The band’s eclectic blend of pop-punk, punk-rock, and alternative allows them to stand out by balancing melodic charm with raw intensity. Furthermore, their ability to capture the youthful exuberance and catchy hooks of pop punk while embracing the rebellious spirit and intensity of punk-rock only adds to their likeability.

After making a significant impact with their debut single “Catching Fire” and capturing widespread attention, Neveragain delved deep into their repertoire to find something equally majestic. And that’s how we now find ourselves awe-inspired by their latest release, “Red”

To paint out for you what “Red” looks and feels like, imagine crunchy guitar solos that give it a certain flair. On top of that, imagine a sound anchored by punchy drums, giving it that high-energy feel thanks to the rapid fills and snare hits. And that’s not all, the bass guitar is in this mix, providing a solid foundation for the song as the lead vocalist breathes life, offering a mix of melodic singing and more aggressive punk-rock shouting that keeps you heavily engaged.

The lead vocalist, who happens to be Joe, has that clear and expressive tone, delivering the lyrics with a sense of unbridled passion, urgency, and emotion.

You might find yourself wondering what “Red” is all about. It’s a poignant reflection on toxic relationships. As the infectious energy hits you, the fervent passion immerses you, and the raw emotions course through your veins, consider being better and eliminating those toxic traits that keep pushing people you love away. As you do, you’ll discover a certain uncontrollable joy tucked deep inside you. What to do; embrace it, turn up the volume, dance your feet out, and sing with all your heart!

I have a pretty decent idea; this is what Neveragain intended with “Red!”


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