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Inimitable EDM Producer Necosso Releases His Much Anticipated Single, “Set Me Free”

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Switzerland-based music producer Necosso is an artist to watch and his scale of talent eclipses even what words can be able to measure! He is like a rising phoenix star leaving a trail of marvelously destructive melodies in his wake and everyone seems to be applauding at such genuine ingenuity.

To give you a glimpse of his mammoth abilities is the track, “Set Me Free” – an emotionally charged dance track that carries all the elements of an electronic-infused EDM song and is complimented exceptionally well with the soulful and captivating singing by the remarkably talented lead vocals.

This dazzling soundscape offers a plethora of styles with the fusion classic house feel while also effortlessly catching the modern EDM style in that sultry groovy mood putting up a stunner that feels everlasting.

The beautiful female vocal is impassioned and mesmerizing, and it powers the music with passion and blends into pure perfection with the emphasized beat, melodic elements, and reverberant textures.

No matter where you are—at home, in the gym, or at a club having the time of your life—when the DJ puts this on air, your senses will be numbed and your body will move wildly in perfect sync with the beats. It is more dynamic and intriguing, and possesses the power of great delivery, with all of it fitting like a perfect puzzle; sounding seamless and cohesive.

You can tell that this came from deep within a hidden place in his heart and soul and you are not wrong; the introspective lyrics are reflective and honest- bearing question to a past love and if they have truly set them free.

There’s no reason why this song shouldn’t be the EDM tune that smashes airwaves worldwide this year. The quality is superb, the composition and performance are distinct and passionate, and the entire piece simply offers those timeless, nostalgic good vibes that bring everyone together at the end of the night. A well-deserved offering that is well worth hearing at full volume.


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