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UK-Based Japanese Songstress Naomi Suzuki’s New Single, “Find Someone Better,” Is Heartwarming and Deeply Relatable.

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Naomi Suzuki is an undeniable pop powerhouse; she is an erupting volcano of talent and her music…her music is a gold mine of absolute songwriting and singing brilliance. She has creatively been exploring the pop world, going into uncharted waters, and expanding the sonic map of the musical world as we know it with such inventive finesse…and oh boy, does she take us to new places. Despite facing near-death experiences with her health complications, she has remained steadfast, defying death, and she is now facing it with such optimism and cheerfulness that you wouldn’t even smell her scars!

With her new single, “Find someone better”, you’ll be transported to an upbeat, catchy, and enticing pop world with funky showdown and disco influences that only Naomi can conjure up. This tune is heavy on Japanese musical storytelling and funky musical beds that will not only fill your ears; the rich music and beautiful voice will fill your soul with a much-needed, easily digestible musical world that you wouldn’t want to leave any time soon.

Naomi’s voice is mellifluous, soft, and refined; it holds so much effortless power, and her range is nothing short of incredible. You can grasp the emotions in her performance as she takes the listener on such a memorable journey that will remain with the listener outside of this track.

The infectious blend of funky pop and disco, flanked by that emotion-drenched vocal performance, attains a sacred power that allures the listener like a siren!

This track has layers upon layers of melodic and vocal fascination worthy of the Hollywood screen.

A radio-friendly anthem with lyrics exploring the need to always protect ourselves from the harsh realities of the cruel world and its people, “Find someone better” is an ode to always seeking the best for yourself out of the seemingly selfish world.

The accompanying lyric visual already has over 11K YouTube views, with the numbers projected to rise even further thanks to its masterpiece quality.

To experience Japanese musical excellence; follow the attached link, subscribe to Naomi’s YouTube channel, like the music video, share this song with friends, and let it embellish your playlist from this day forward.



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