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Mugugu Embarks With a Galvanizing New Music Video for the Single “MS. Blue Eyes”

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Mugugu MS. Blue Eyes

Mugugu is an upcoming prodigy raised in the city of Toronto. His musical gift precedes him and is an accomplished maestro with a penchant for producing high-end content with a surprisingly innovative spin. He is also fully bilingual in French and specializes in music production, songwriting, and vocal production in both languages. His ability and versatility know no borders and he makes his stamp in diverse fields; mastering, mixing and producing genre-defying sounds that teeter on the lines of Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop music. “Ms. Blue Eyes” is a single off of his first Mixtape called “Eye Candy”. This track is backed strikingly by a visual-laden music video that is classy, symbolic, and candid. This is an undeniably mesmerizing romantic track that compels its nostalgic laid-back melodicism and soundscape that qualifies it as a bona fide reminiscent smash. This track has an unmistakable hip-hop vibe with the warm and vibrant instrumentation, colorful melodic accents and proverbially smoking lyricism that Mugugu integrates stretching the delicate balance between singing and rap-flowing in his distinct powerful, and commanding voice.

The infusion of the expressive, charismatic, and deliciously crispy piano swing at the beginning is the milk and honey to this alluring track. The melody, harmony, and rhythm is uplifted more with the charming and smoothly bubbly drums, the cordial bass, and other reimagined complex instrumentations flourishing amidst the unabating background harmonies of the piano which adds a great deal of dynamism to the melody. The lyrical versatility on display not only gives the track an arithmetic edge to the overall feel of the track but thematically it also fits with the message and the general romantic issues Mugugu touches on.

The music video was the ideal complement to this terrific music. You will be treated to stunningly innovated visual imagery that has been embellished with romantic scenes as Mugugu being accompanied by a strikingly beautiful blue-eyed lady take you on a romantic expedition filling your screens with symbolic imagery and live scenes of true love. You might even be forgiven for getting jealous at such raw passion on display! This was the absolute and perfect complement in both concept and theme and displays exactly what the track is all about. To get a front-row seat of such splendor make sure to subscribe to his VEVO channel, view, like, share, and comment as you put the track on repeat!

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