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Electronic Dance Music Connoisseur Mofasa Has Been Generating Interest Following the Release of His New EP, “Coming for You/Charged.”

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Mofasa is a true dance-floor annihilator who brings nothing but electronic sounds with deep meanings by adroitly blending futuristic synth hooks, plush vocal drops, club sounds, and glass-shutter beats to create music that cuts across EDM genre definitions and its equivalent subgenres. EDM passion came as a wider, infinite sense of revelation when he attended a concert in his hometown of Dallas that was headlined by none other than Dutch EDM wizard Tiȅsto and ever since, his love has spiraled into something of an obsession. With an array of musical influences, in-game experience, and matchless drive and grit, Mofasa has grown into a powerhouse with chart-topping records to his name thus far!

Adding to his ever-expanding impressive catalog is another certified EP title, “Coming For You/Charged,” that he just released. It was not long before he got featured on ‘The State of Trance’ with Armin van Buuren episode 1098, with the masterpiece “Charged” off of the EP unanimously acclaimed!

“Coming For You/Charged” is the best of the best when it comes to modern tech house music and nostalgic electro-dance pop. Mofasa is able to forge a timeless collection almost infinitely. The 4-track EP gives off a real summer vibe. The kinetic bass-banging and staggeringly deep melodious groove send your mind on an electronic odyssey that will have you wanting to move all the time.

There are, of course, those mega-powerful vocal drops that drive the epic beats into your sound system with a resplendent vengeance. The extended versions of both “Charged” and “Coming for You” boast vigorously charged melodies that feature arena-sized deep house beats and flourishing electronic components of all kinds.

The thudding, speaker-thumping and high-end groove ready to shatter your car windows are the melodies in “Coming For You/Charged” in a nutshell—impressively complex yet melodically infectious! I’d really hate for you to miss out on such invigorating pleasure!

To find out just how much honey your taste buds can withstand; follow the attached link and let these sounds make your listening days better!


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