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Max Ayeza, Has an Engrossingly Theme Perfect Pictorial Ballad, “Why Do You” That Is Now Available Everywhere!

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Max Ayeza Why Do You

Rising from within the dazzlingly lit Manila, the capital of the Philippines is the authentically talented vocalist and songwriter Max Ayeza who is taking the music world by storm with the sheer level of musicality she has so far glimpsed! She is like a phoenix rising star and is ready to stupefy the world with her magic and talent and singles like, “Get Over” ensured the world got that gratifying glance into what the future looks like her with her at the steering wheel! After the disbandment of the band, “Childstar”, of which she was a member, she took her time and decided to go solo and show the music world exactly what she is made up of, and while on that quest, she has a powerfully fulfilling new single, “Why Do You.”

“Why Do You” is that emotion-filled ballad that you didn’t know that you needed but once it graces your listening senses, it hits you with a downing reality that this is exactly what you had been missing. It is like a missing puzzle that presents itself in a jigsaw and gives that indescribable feeling of victory when you finally crack it!

She is an undeniably gifted vocalist and one thing this single does is heighten that fact right there. She has an inimitable vocal control and flexes her songwriting adroitness sensationally with the way the lyrics are artistically layered to design a finished work of art. The luxuriously stylish elements in the instruments are blended candidly to fashion one true consummate and infectious sound- talk about the drums, the bass, piano, and some compelling percussion- all melded together for an ethereal modest sound that though pop reimagined is comprehensive to fit in any aesthetic sound category!

The deep and resonating sound on show here echoes in the lyrics; that we all can do a little better when it comes to our relationships- we cannot afford to be running away from the slightest predicament and circumstances for in love, there will always be the highs and lows. So we ought to cruise all the moments together and own up to our contributions in the event of disagreements.

The official music video is the absolute superior cinematic complement in synopsis and plot and will arrest a viewer’s attention and imagination like a blockbuster film straight off of Hollywood!

To get both stunned and educated; follow the attached link, subscribe to Ayeza’s YouTube channel, watch this music video, like it and add it to your summer love playlist!



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