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After a Much-Needed Hiatus, Luchi Returns With an Ear Candy Called “Web of Lies” That Is Raw and Honest.

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Passion and strong lyrical content merge when it comes to Luchi’s artistry. He prides himself on his authenticity. He is an artist who values originality, which means that even though he is inspired by some of the most epic luminaries to ever grace the game, he blends that limitless inspiration with his own unique signature. His debut single “Don’t Look Back” was a hit song that earned critical acclaim from iTunes, charting at #9 and introducing him to an eager fanbase that wanted more and more from him. Compelled to answer the call, Luchi went on a musical rampage, releasing music that not only defies imagination but also genre convention, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of listeners.

As a musician, it is easy to connect with your feelings through songwriting, and that’s exactly what Luchi does with his new jam “Web of Lies” which follows his own story of heartbreak. After being in a toxic relationship where lying was the order of the day, he decided to transform his hurtful feelings into a relatable work of art that was more of a solace to him.

The lyrics unfold with a raw and honest appeal, and the captivating beat serves as the ideal backdrop for Luchi’s bold and distinct vocal performance as he wears his heart on his sleeves and lets his vulnerable heart out.

The chorus is a stunning summary of what the jam is all about. The expressive performance underscores that weight, and the memorability allows the song to stick in your head long after the song is no more.

More than anything “Web of Lies” is not a bitter track but one that gravitates towards a healing kind of feeling after realizing the person you were was not worth it. As such, it is a recommended musical dose for anyone grappling with fragmented feelings of being taken for a ride in a relationship they were invested in and only realizing so much later on that they were a poster child of being naïve and seemingly unwise… as they say, it’s better late than never (I don’t know if it applies, but I had to say it loud!), I mean, at least you realized, right!

With a pop foundation and a resounding bass, “Web of Lies” has an infectious charm, and the sweet-sounding, emotive vocal performance, not forgetting the official lyric video makes everything better!

The attached link is below; I don’t have to say it out loud, but enjoy this jam, won’t you? Yeah, that’s what I thought.


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