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You Can Now Get To Pre-save Kyng 9ook’s New Upcoming Mixtape, “Dolla”

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Kyng 9ook Dolla

A fresh and dynamic lyrical engineer; Kyng 9ook hails from Newark in New Jersey and this rap whizz is on course to become a household name not only in his hometown but also in the entire rap music industry. He has reinvented his style of craft and having sharpened his kills and borrowed a leaf from some of the hip-hop legends he looks up to, his place right at the top is more than guaranteed!

A family man himself, Kyng 9ook’s music always reflects a father’s point of view and one who is really trying to be there for his family and make sure his kids have a better life and a secure future.

“Dolla” was of course that first single in 2022 and it is off the mixtape, “Dolla” that Kyng 9ook will be releasing very soon. Being a lyrical poet with innate charisma, you can always more than expect him to deliver. This is one of those mixtapes that give you a very clear glimpse of the kind of rap maestro Kyng 9ook really is.

Taking the center stage, he is set to breathe life into the narrative of real life, the hustling in the street, the challenges and breakthroughs- something to keep everyone pushing and to encourage people not to give up. When the going gets tough, the tough have to get going. Through sweat and blood and in every way until we become successful.

There is always that bloodletting, honest and raw lyricism from Kyng 9ook, and tracks in “Dolla” are poised to be no different. Follow the attached Spotify link so as to put yourself in an advantageous position when the EP finally drops.

Follow Kyng 9ook on the attached Instagram handle so as to receive real-time updates for this and his future releases. It is now or never for Kyng 9ook and I am absolutely buzzing for him!

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