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KrzyFr33 Ricks Brings The House Down Big Time With His Debut Single “Negative Tension”

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KrzyFr33 Negative Tension

From the dark depths of the streets of the Long beach CA comes the formidable metal/trap artist KrzyFr33. With insane guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and downright impressive drum beats, KrzyFr33 is unmatched on the local and international grindcore scene.

KrzyFr33 is a one-man operation and so a new entrant in this year’s rankings. The underlying idea of his music also has a very aberrant form of expression, allowing it to reach its truest artistic and harmonic apex. Starting with a larger saga, KrzyFr33’s debut single “Negative Tension” has already aroused the breadth of the modern metal scene with its gritty and unprecedented surprises.

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“Negative Tension” showcases the artist’s vocal and musical abilities. This music catches the listener by storm and destroys everything in its path, diving directly into a strong percussion and guitar duel. This song’s unforgiving guitar riffs, gritty vocals, and strong drumline make it musically impenetrable. Explosive voices intertwined with powerful metal tunes echoed instrumentation, and captivating vocals perfectly complement the artist’s aesthetics.

KrzyFr33’s dynamic, remarkable delivery has its own personality, passion, and tone. His voice is completely unique and has a one-of-a-kind powerful and brilliant quality. And, when KrzyFr33 infuses the track with enticing phrases, the listener’s senses are captivated and heightened in a magnificently assaulting experience.

KrzyFr33 admits to being influenced by artists ranging from Marilyn Manson to Prince. The primary aspect in his work, though, is having fun regardless of what the sound evolves into while still making melodic sense.

“Negative Tension” stands out because to its experimental and rhythmic dynamics, which effortlessly blend the song’s pieces into a thick and dark enamel. The track’s thematic side allows it to live up to the expected darkness of the sonic proportion associated with metal and its subcategories.

The extraordinary level of musicianship on display is mind-boggling and a delight to listen to. “Negative Tension” is right on rhythmically, harmonically, and melodically, and I’m sure a wide range of music fans will find lots of tunes to enjoy here. Check him out, follow him, and listen to his next release “Running Empty” featuring Caelee Carnage, which is set to be released on February 7th, 2022.

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