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North Carolina Christian hip-hop and rap artist Kayo Bracey is set to drop his latest single, “Steppin on my problems”

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Kayo Bracey’s overarching ambition is to breathe life into the world by spreading the message of God while maintaining the heart and soul that hip hop and R&B music were founded on. As someone who has always carried that passion for music ever since he was young, he knows that it is an effective way to communicate directly with people’s hearts. He is also convinced that God gave him his musical talents to serve others. As such, he uses his musical skills to spread the Gospel, touching people’s hearts with his testimony. Through fervently detailed lyrics, Kayo’s songwriting encompasses themes of closeness with God, His divine holiness, and His never-ending grace.

His upcoming single “Steppin on my problems” is a high energy trap song of gratitude for the immeasurable gift of salvation!

The theatrical drum rolls lay the foundation for the track right before Kayo breathes life into it with that captivating hook that haunts the listener outside of the track, singing;

“Stepping on my problems like a drum major

Cross the devil up he got a bum ankle

Stepping for the kingdom like a drum major

Stepping on my problems like a…”

Kayo then demonstrates his inimitable lyrical ability with scholarly flows and erudite wordplay; seamlessly blending storytelling with poetic finesse to leave an indelible mark on a listener’s heart and soul.

His impeccable flow and emotive delivery are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and also serve to underscore the weight of the lyrics.

The beat here is energetic and uplifting, with the band instrumentals combined efficiently with the trap percussion to fashion a hypnotic arrangement that is catchy and full of color and edge.

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“Steppin on my problems” will officially debut on August 1, 2023, on all streaming platforms. The pre-save link is now available, and you can get it by following Kayo on his official Instagram page and clicking on the link in the bio.

Drawing on his own journey of truly understanding and accepting God’s grace, Kayo hopes for every listener and worshipper to know the depth of God’s goodness towards them and for that reality to release them from shame and the empty rules of religion into a life of freedom and joy!

Whatever you do, remember you can always count on God.



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