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Music Composer and Recording Artist John Kline’s Latest Musical Offering, “Rixile Elixir,” Is Refreshingly Creative and Wildly Explorative

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Encapsulating a progressive new age sound with rock, jazz, and Celtic flavors is the phenomenally gifted composer and recording artist John Kline, based out of Mobile, Alabama, with his genre-defying instrumental and improvisational sound that reflects his ‘no rules’ approach to music composition. He creates conversational and emotional progressive melodies in ways that are both mesmerizing and compelling.

In a musical world where conformity is king, Kline’s music stands out as a true original. So, take a seat, turn the volume up, and let Kline’s latest album, “Rixile Elixir,” take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

The opening track “Neurogenesis” is spellbinding and transcendental, taking a listener on a profound experience and journey of both reflection and awe as we fly away into a rock-fueled cosmic soundscape where the limit depends on the listener’s imagination, which is lost in the smoothness of the track. This song is also cinematic.

“Drive to Mobile” is another transportation masterpiece that features rippling riffs and pulsating drums to fashion a masterclass in instrumental rock. The melody is warm, ambitious, and rousing.

“Made It Home” is another authentic masterpiece that hit me right in the feels thanks to that intriguing country-flavored cocktail that makes me feel a ‘country-road-take-me-home’ type of way!

“Agent of Change” is a captivating classic with delicious jazz undertones and scintillating improvisations added by that wind instrument that fits into the arrangement like a glove.

“Friday Song” is another bona fide standout that is guaranteed to leave you in a happy mood. If you find the week challenging, playing this track can lift your spirits, infusing every day with the feel of a Friday—who wouldn’t want that?

John Kline is a composer and musician who is breaking barriers and redefining entertainment through his eclectic multi-instrumental music, whose repertoire defies expectations and goes on to inspire others to pursue possibility.

“Rixile Elixir” is a stunning example of John Kline’s ability and knack to weave a complex tapestry of musical styles and genres into a haunting and unforgettable collection!

To fully experience ‘Rixile Elixir’ and its uplifting, therapeutic qualities, follow the attached link, savor the music, and share the magic with others.


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