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Nu-Metal Phenomenal Band HEATHENSUN “MAKE” You Lose Control With Their Fresh Hit off of the Upcoming Album, “Gang”

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Built on a sharp, cinematic, and original metal sound coined as nu-metal, this 4-piece Carolina-based band known as Heathensun has been creating something worthy that is appealing to the vast majority of Rock fans. They have been steadily rising through the musical ranks since their debut album, “Flip Side,” with chart-topping singles such as “Beach” from the same, and as they say, the journey continues. This band is not afraid to step into their greatness through experimentation in order to bring authenticated music closer to music lovers by tapping into an eclectic element that combines nu-metal with some certified elements in modern rock as well as hip-hop and trap, as evidenced in their single, “Survivor.”

They are set to turn the industry on its head come the 4th of July as it is when they will officially unveil their new album, “Gang”. To get the party started and rock lovers losing control is a single off of the album dubbed, “Make”- this single is a testament to the band’s range, offering a gorgeous metal sound that rises from within the electronic riffs that build up with luscious impact straight to the heart of a listener!

The riffs are enticingly joined by splendorous synths with a subtle rising percussion joining in before the punchy drums escorted by some undeniably captivating guitars join in to fashion a full metal house rock sound that lay a perfect foundation for Johnny’s stunning vocals to shine. Taking center stage, the lead vocals are a true highlight of the single, breathing life into the narrative and delivering powerful lines that detail what this single is all about.

This is an ultimately triumphant single that sits at the touchstone of striking brilliancy and the unbreakable chemistry in the band is evident for all to see and hear- each performing their role with staggering profession to craft a classic metal masterpiece. Armed with all the trademark sounds of metal-rock, Heathensun 4-piece waste no time in making their mark, delivering a stellar performance in this tune and as the track builds; the boys unleash a timeless medley of rhythm guitar, upright bass, punchy drums and some self-assured vocals, laying a steady foundation with a strong automotive anthem!

While the audio is a stunner by itself, the music video is something else entirely. Absolutely magical with the way the scenes echo nostalgic films that complement this tune both in storyline and symbolism. You will marvel and appreciate the lengths this band went in ensuring they grab a viewer’s attention with the raw scenarios from the garage skateboarding, city views, the people in masks and the concert performance with the audience vigorously enjoying the band making this a high-standard visual phenomenal.

Follow the attached link and let Heathensun make you lose control- you deserve to!



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