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Switzerland-Based Alternative Band Haneke Twins’ Debut LP, “Stories of Violence,” Is a Must-Have for Fans of Post-punk, Alternative, and Indie Rock.

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While other bands struggle to weave together experiences and stories in their music, the Switzerland-based alternative quintet eats this music up for breakfast. They come through with a rich tapestry of sounds, driven by the core of dynamic and energetic styles and genres. They are an enigmatic mix of darker music that challenges the norm in every possible way. Inspired by a whirlwind of influences, Haneke Twins fuses elements from alternative, indie, post-punk, new wave, post-hardcore, and many other styles, exploring the infinite sonic rabbit holes whilst redefining musical boundaries and stretching the limits of their individual imaginations to create a mesmerizing auditory experience that defies convention.

An unexpected blend of electronic, post-punk, alternative, and other eclectic elements, Haneke Twins explore themes of love, loss, longing, disappointment, and the complexities of life in their debut LP titled “Stories of Violence.”

A 13-track project that is both timeless and contemporary, the band packs a punch with a rare arsenal, tugging at listeners’ heartstrings with such accomplished songwriting and dexterous execution. It is in their individual uniqueness that their collective power and star quality are found. Their musical journey here continually unfolds to their destined global reach. This LP has earned them critical acclaim from fans and critics alike!

“Feel the Burn” showcases the erupting talent of the Haneke Twins, with music that resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impression on the heart and soul. The seamless blend of the guitars, insane bass licks, and pounding drums resonate with a rhythmic, quality sound, laying a steady foundation for the uniquely expressive vocals. The lyrics are catchy, and there is that identifiable rhythm that sticks, flanked by post-punk sensibilities, for a track you can never deny. Words may fail me, but this is one of my favorite tracks from the LP- couldn’t get enough of the energy, melody, and rhythm this tune has…it’s simply mystical!

“Missiles” features a hauntingly beautiful soundscape, emanating from an exquisite blend of riffs, bass, and drums, complemented by confident vocals. This tune really sucks you in, and when it is over, you have to sort of shake it off and come back to your own reality again, which is one of my favorite parts because it’s almost as if you just read a chapter of a really intriguing book and you may now take yourself out of the page and look around the room again—get that feeling?

“Lights off Pt. 1” also has such a unique atmosphere and aesthetic to it that as soon as it’s over, you actually want to play it again. As it progresses, the band unleashes a timeless supply of the rhythm guitar, electrifying riffs, ear-catching bass, and powerful drums, heightening the tune’s intensity as the lead vocalist’s golden voice breathes life to the song’s unique lyrical narrative.

The stunning riffs and rhythm guitar set the mood for an incredibly danceable intro in the song “Voices.” The alluring vocals make it stand out, sliding through the rhythm with a subtle confidence as he savors the blissful creation.

The catchy lyric “Just let me disappear” in “Rug in the Street” is captivating, set to a rich and harmonious melodic foundation that openly ingratiates itself with the listener from the get-go. The lead singer excels with his rich, velvety voice, which carries a raw and authentic quality that allows his lyrics to truly come to life.

“Running Away” is the sort that plays in a pub and everyone just loses it, moving in time to the rhythm with carefree abandon. In brilliant contrast to the lyrics, that impressive blend of rhythm and melody inspires you to dance like no one’s watching!

“Enough” unfurls with a vibrant melody, and that energetic thrill is maintained throughout the track’s length. Haneke Twins showcase such guitar virtuosity, impeccably picking those guitars to come up with a song brimming with exquisite guitar technology and awe-inspiring musicianship. This is one of those performances that stays with you outside of the track. That vibrant intensity really is contagious.

“Lights Off Pt.2” is bold, haunting, and set to a darkly evocative and melodic splendor to lure a listener in. It feels like the soundtrack to a dark movie, is powerfully poignant, and is really exciting to listen to on repeat. It leaves you wanting more—I feel there’s just a way it reaches to the dark hidden soul tucked deep inside and allows it to roam!

Like I said, “Stories of Violence” has received critical acclaim and raw reviews, with the Haneke Twins hailed not only for their ingenuity to come up with such an outstanding body of work as this but also for their boundless versatility to come up with genre-defying music with broad-ranging appeal!


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