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Los Angeles-Based Pop Sensation CaliStar Has Just Released Her Exciting Summer EP, “Glitterati”

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“Glitterati” is a sublime body of work, an experience by itself that holds significant personal meaning to CaliStar, a multifaceted singer-songwriter, attorney, and entrepreneur, who went above and beyond to ensure that a listener connects with the music in their own unique ways. Everything from the production, arrangement, and performance stands out. Props to everyone involved in this impressive body of work that features excellent musicianship combined with entertaining performances.

The opening track, “Ethereal Lover,” for example, features an upbeat sound with catchy lyrics that make people of all ages want to sing along. This is an undeniable crowd-pleaser that is cinematic and set to a haunting synth-flavored dance-pop beat. CaliStar then offers a captivating, high-energy performance that transports the audience back in time as she shrewdly blends musicianship, creativity, and tradition…this track provides endless auditory enjoyment.

The title track has already received unanimous acclaim from far and wide, and it is easy to see why; this is a certified banger and the perfect track to boost any setting, especially a lively party environment where everyone dances freely. The track’s beat is catchy and upbeat, and the lyrics really make it stand out. CaliStar and guest artist Kiyonȇ’s words are raw, honest, and relatable, perfectly capturing the emotions of being yourself and enjoying every bit of it without apologizing to anyone for who you are. This is an ode to an unapologetic life full of contentment for being who you’ve always wanted to be!

“Glitterati” also features a stunning and eye-catching music video that is really doing well on YouTube…definitely worth checking out!

If you are on the verge of giving up and you need something to encourage you, boost your spirits, offer solace, and make you feel less alone, then I’d recommend jumping on the last track, “Don’t Give Up” with CaliStar’s heartfelt declaration of resoluteness in the face of adversity, an overarching theme that resonates throughout her music, bound to offer sanctuary. Her passion for pop shines through this tune; displaying her uniqueness and lyrical prowess!

With its deeply relevant lyrics and warm melodies, “Don’t Give Up” is a must-have for all music lovers.

One of her most profound releases to date, CaliStar hopes that listeners will find positivity and inspiration through her music…and if not, let the EP’s magic leave an indelible imprint on you. It is also not a crime to enjoy these captivating tracks for the sake of pleasure and great entertainment. No matter which way you prefer, “Glitterati” feels perfectly suited for every emotion and occasion!

I believe this EP will remain relevant and enjoyable over time; this is such an impeccable distillation of artistry and progressive sound mechanics. Follow the attached link and catch the vibe!

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