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Virtuosic House Music Producer and DJ Gian Maselli’s “Someone Else” (Feat. Migsy) Is a Display of His Outstanding Showmanship!

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Gian Maselli is really one of those few DJs who really know how to move a crowd  as he prides himself on his skills as a DJ who knows how to read the crowd and deliver the music that they love, exactly how they like it. His father was a wedding DJ who used to tag him along in his events, and he passed on his passion for DJing, which later fueled DJ Gian’s talents as a DJ and now, producer who is seeking to stamp his indelible imprint on countless EDM-flavored records that will be his legacy. He is currently a student at Virginia Tech and is also the DJ for Virginia Tech Hokie Men’s Basketball. As a DJ, he has always been captivated by the art of making music and appreciating the creative process that goes into making the beats, so his transition into production was just smooth and natural!

As a huge fan of EDM, he drew inspiration from the genre and focused on making his passion his source of livelihood—a certified record like, “Someone Else” just confirms his innate abilities and craftsmanship to be able to engineer a quality house tune that feels nostalgic, yet modern, unheard of yet still warmly familiar!

By blending together a cornucopia of exciting ideas around tropically melodic and tech house, he is able to engineer a masterpiece in house music transcendence! The dazzling instrumentation is then supplemented magnificently well by the ravishing female vocals of one Migsy as she goes on to underscore the anthemic qualities of this spellbinding masterpiece.

An outstanding ‘feel-good; type of track, “Someone Else” 99% gets you on your feet, no matter the occasion, as your body conforms to new ways of moving—in perfect sync with those energetic and contagious beats!

This is the kind of music the world needs right now…the sort to make you forget all the insanity that has permeated and just get lost, even if for those 3 minutes and 18 seconds. To make the occasion even more joyous, it is advisable to listen to this track in the company of friends, family, or drinking buddies and go on to make lifelong memories!

Follow the attached Spotify link and join the rest of dance music devotees in recognizing spectacular dance music in its organic form, and let’s meet again when Gian Maselli does his thing again…I have a feeling it’s going to be sooner than we anticipate!



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