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Dance to the Beat as Gerry Ogbonna Delivers an Impeccable Sound Design R&B-Inspired Banger Dubbed “Combine”

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Finding the correct song to fit your current feelings is as sporadic as feeling the connection between a singer, the instrumentals, and the lyrics. Gerry Ogbonna, a well-known music producer, has demonstrated the unique skill of a beatmaker, producer, and composer, as seen by his new track “Combine.”

From its reinvention of rhythmic patterns to the arrangement of sound dynamics, the “Combine” is a honeyed amalgamation of some of the most versatile blocks and pieces of the collective R&B extravaganza.

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The careful blend of instruments such as drum machines, synth riffs, the sampler, turntable and electronic music bass instruments creates a modern R&B soundscape and provides a beautiful ambiance in which you have no choice but to be enthralled.

BWUOYMACE was the perfect match for this one and his commanding influence cannot be ignored as he shines with his technically gifted lyricism and effortless integration. One fascinating thing about this tune is that it is full of easily memorable and catchy lines. From the intro which forms part of the bridge, to the pre-chorus and chorus itself, there is absolutely so much to sing along to. And he nailed all the performances impeccably- such is the mark of an accomplished maestro.

Gerry Ogbonna is more than just a producer; he understands the skills needed to help the artist with harmonies, sophisticated artistic concepts, and riffs. After hearing “Combine,” you’ll undoubtedly want to hear the rest of his repertoire as well as other songs published this year that are available online.

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