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New York City Hip-Hop Artist Elan Suave Comes Swinging With “Pretty Girls.”

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Elan Suave’s style blends nonchalant flows and cadences, memorable hooks, and trap beats that make room for melody, peppered with hints of R&B sleekness for New York hip-hop emcee Elan Suave, who started blowing up and gaining traction as soon as he entered the game. And yet, his steady presence in the celebrity limelight couldn’t eclipse his musical talent, which is exceptional and unexpected for someone his age. As a student artist, Suave has become a superstar on his own terms without adapting his appearance, cadence, rhetoric, or music to fit any musical mold.

His unique lyrical approach and innovative perspective on music production have made him one of the hottest hip-hop artists to emerge from New York, which is in itself a hotbed of heavy mainstream as well as upcoming talents, Suave’s unique vocal style and dreamy hypnotic instrumentals have been the calling cards of his sound…by any means necessary.

He returns with the summer anthem, “Pretty Girls,” poised to dominate the season’s hits with its outstanding performance by Suave as he pays homage to his global female fans as well as all the sexy ladies wherever in the world they may be.

With a signature narcotic trap instrumental, Suave’s smooth and melodic lyrical presence, and plenty of memorable hooks, “Pretty Girls” is nothing short of a masterclass in trap music and, to some extent, the signature New York-inspired drill.

This is the kind of music that gets you amped up from the get-go and the kind that gets everyone in the club up and dancing without a care.

An invigorating one for the ladies, “Pretty Girls” is expected to be in heavy rotation everywhere now that it’s out and is being received by an eager set of fans from all over.

To listen to this banger, follow the attached link and add it to your favorite playlist to rock out to at your next house party!

To keep up with Elan Suave, follow him on Instagram.

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